Objectionable scene deleted from the film ‘Jogwa’ in ‘Asha’ Theatre, Solapur

Ashwin Shuddha Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111


Objectionable scene deleted from the film ‘Jogwa’ in ‘Asha’ Theatre, Solapur

October 3, 2009

Ashwin Shuddha Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Solapur (Maharashtra): ‘Ranaragini’, a branch of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) staged strong demonstrations against vulgar scenes in a Marathi film ‘Jogwa’ screened at ‘Asha’ Theatre. Later, a delegation of the Branch and distributor manager of the film held discussions in the presence of the police in which it was decided to delete the objectionable scenes from the film. (Hindus must pay gratitude to God for this success ! – Editor SP)

Today, the film ‘Jogwa’ was to be released in this theatre. There is a ‘kissing’ scene in this film which is against Hindu culture. More than 50 lady members of ‘Ranaragini’ reached the theatre and staged demonstrations from 11.30 a.m. in the theatre premises. Mr. Shantanu Gandhi, the owner of the theatre met the demonstrators and patiently listened to what they had to say. He then agreed to cancel shows of the film (Congratulations to Mr. Shantanu Gandhi for showing readiness to cancel the shows of the film respecting the feelings of Hindus who value their culture! – Editor SP) but Mr. Birajdar, the distributor manager of the film did not agree with Mr. Gandhi. He called the police and tried to put pressure on the demonstrators. The members of ‘Ranaragini’ however, continued their demonstrations.

Later with the intervention of the Police Inspector Shinde, a meeting was held between the delegation of ‘Ranaragini’ and Mr. Birajdar. The police and Mr. Birajdar tried to convince the delegation that there could not be anything wrong in the film as it has been presented with national award and the Government was not so uncultured to grant permission for such film. (The Congress Govt. in the State and the Centre has allowed so much of immorality in the fields of film and advertisements etc. that the President had to make an appeal to the women to think before agreeing to bare. It is therefore, surprising that how could the police and Mr. Birajdar vouch for the morality of the Government! – Editor SP)

Since the members of ‘Ranaragini’ did not budge from their demand, it was decided to watch the film together. After watching the film, the members pointed out the objectionable scenes from the film to the police. It was then decided to delete such scenes and start shows of the film. Mrs. Vidya Dabhade of ‘Durgavahini’, Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari and Mrs. Vidya Kulkarni, members of ‘Ranaragini’ were present on the occasion.

Destruction of culture in the name of national award – Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari

After watching the film, Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari said that the whole film is hideous, anti-Hindu and leaning towards vulgarity. There has been use of hideous words like ‘Devanchya Raanda (keeps of Gods)’. The film also shows participation of the members of Andha-shraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANS) which is the height of Hindu hatred. This is an advantage taken under the name of national award to destroy Hindu culture.  

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Supporters of the film ‘Jogwa’ try to pressurize members of ‘Ranaragini’

September 29, 2009

Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Pune (Maharashtra): Hindu Janajgruti Samiti’s branch ‘Ranaragini’ staged demonstrations against the indecent and objectionable scenes in a Marathi film titled ‘Jogwa’ on 25th September in front of ‘Prabhat’ Theatre. A representation was also submitted to the manager of the theatre stating their demands by a delegation of ‘Ranaragini’. Mr. Sanjay Patil, the writer of the film present with the manager requested the delegation to see the film and then take a decision on protesting against the film.

Accordingly, after the demonstrations, Mrs. Anjali Joshi of ‘Ranaragini’ with a few members watched the film along with Mr. Sanjay Patil, the writer of the film, Mr. Pawar of the Crime Branch and few lady constables. As these members were coming out of the theatre after the show, there were already 40-50 supporters of the film waiting in the theatre premises as pre-planned who started clapping and raising slogans in support of the film. (These are anti-socialites who are supporting such a film that can create an a dverse effect on the mind of the people! – Editor SP) They also said looking at the members of ‘Ranaragini’ that they should be beaten up. (The supporters of the film are trying to pressurize the Ranaragini members, who were protesting against the film in a lawful manner, by passing such comments! – Editor SP)

The supporters thus exhibited their ochlocratic nature bringing pressure on the lady members of ‘Ranaragini’. (The film supporters, try to flex their muscles with lady members, but keep mum about social perversities! – Editor SP) The women constables present there were performing the role of spectators and advised the ‘Ranaragini’ members to quickly leave the place. (The police should have stopped the persons doing wrong instead they advised the affected party to leave. What is the use of such a police force and why should citizens pay tax and provide for them? – Editor SP)

When the members of ‘Ranaragini’ tried to explain, to the supporters of the film, their point of view, they said, “There is vulgarity in your eyes and that is why you feel that the scenes were indecent; but according to us, the film has been very gentle in handling the feelings” and thus shamelessly backed the film. (Would these supporters tolerate the women from their families being shown in the very same indecent scenes of the film? – Editor SP)


After the film, a lady constable told a member of Ranaragini that she got to see the film only because of her; otherwise she would not have gone to see the film. (Instead of understanding the seriousness of the matter, the lady constables were thinking about the issue only from the viewpoint of entertainment which shows their empty-headedness and lack of intellect! – Editor SP) 

Police too agree that there are vulgar scenes in ‘Jogwa’

On Sunday, Mr. Pawar of the Crime Branch called up Mrs. Anjali Joshi. He told her, “The scene as claimed by you is objectionable but there is one more scene in the film which is also objectionable. We will inform the Government about the same.” (Congratulations to Mr. Pawar of the Crime Branch for showing his readiness to inform the Government about the indecent scenes which are insidiously and rampantly infesting the psyche of people in society! – Editor SP)   

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

‘Ranaragini’ stage demonstrations to eliminate vulgar scenes

September 26, 2009

Ashwin Shukla Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

‘Jogava’ released

Pune (Maharashtra):Ranaragini’, the women’s branch of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) demanded that the vulgar scenes in the film ‘Jogava’ released today should be deleted. The members of ‘Ranaragini’ staged demonstrations in front of ‘City Pride’ theatre on the Pune Satara Road at 3.30 p.m. followed with demonstrations outside ‘Prabhat’ theatre in ‘Appa Balawant Chowk’ at 5.30 p.m. A large number of women participated in the demonstrations. A representation was submitted to the managers of both the theatres by a delegation of ‘Ranaragini’.

The women who took part in the demonstrations had covered their eyes with a white strip, thus giving a symbolic message to the people that they should not watch such scenes. They were also carrying banners that said ‘Such vulgar scenes have to be excised’ and were condemning the director and actors of the movie for attacking Indian culture. Lady members of ‘Ranaragini’ viz. Mrs. Anjali Joshi, Archana Chandorkar and Anuradha Tagade, the district-chief of Sree Yellamma Jogati Mandal, Mr. Raosaheb Kumbhar, Mr. Ramesh Gaikwad and Mr. Sunil Ghanavat of HJS were present on the occasion.

The delegation of ‘Ranaragini’ called on Mr. Swanand Ayachit, the manager of ‘City Pride’ and submitted a memorandum demanding to excise the objectionable scenes from the film. Mr. Ayachit assured them that he would immediately convey the matter to the producers of the film.

After the demonstrations at ‘City Pride’ theatre, Mrs. Anjali Joshi of ‘Ranaragini’ received a call from Mr. Sanjay Patil from the film ‘Jogava’. He told her to stop the demonstrations and suggested that the members of ‘Ranaragini’ should watch the film with him and then discuss the matter. Mrs. Joshi replied that he did not contact her as promised and after waiting for communication from him for 3-4 days; it was decided to stage demonstrations. She also informed him that as per the plan, the demonstrations at ‘Prabhat’ theatre would also take place which happened later.

Tight security at ‘Prabhat’ theatre

Demonstrations were staged by members of ‘Ranaragini’ at 5.30 outside ‘Prabhat’ Theatre despite tight police security provided for the theatre. There were 40 policemen, a vehicle of the anti-riots squad, besides 5 police vehicles deployed near ‘Prabhat’ theatre. (Anti-Hindu police are thus trying to treat the devout Hindus, who are proud of Indian culture, like rioters by providing such heavy security. When the real fanatic rioters come in large groups and brutally attack Hindus, no policemen are available. – Editor SP) With such high security, the area around ‘Prabhat’ theatre was looking like a military camp.

Mr. Mohan Singh of Hindu Mahasabha and Mr. Raj Yadav of ‘Mard Maratha Sena’ were present during the demonstrations at ‘Prabhat’ theatre. 

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Police deny permission for demonstrations against film ‘Jogwa’ in Chinchwad

September 25, 2009

Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Chinchwad (Maharashtra): The members of ‘Ranaragini’, a branch of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had approached the police seeking permission to stage demonstrations against the controversial vulgar scenes from the film ‘Jogwa’ released yesterday in the theatres. The permission was, however, not granted by the police. They asked the members of ‘Ranaragini’ whether their organization was registered and the details like address of its office and the nature of the activities undertaken by the organization etc.

They also asked the members if they had a written proof of complaint lodged by them with the producer and director of the said film. The members assured the police that the proof would be shown to them within 2 days. The police, however, replied that if there was no written proof, permission would not be granted and if still the demonstrations were staged, legal action would be taken against them. (The anti-legal police oppose the demonstrations instead of the vulgar scenes affecting social health! – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat



Notice issued to HJS’ Ranaragini wing for demanding the removal of an objectionable scene in movie ‘Jogwa’

September 23, 2009

Ashwin Shuddha Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Is the Congress Government thinking right when they issues notice to people who are working hard to establish purity in society?


Injustice by Pune Police!

Pune (Maharashtra): Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Ranaragini wing demanded the removal of an objectionable vulgar scene from the movie ‘Jogwa’. In response, the Police from Vishrambag Police Station issued a notice to a member of HJS’ Ranaragini wing Mrs. Anjali Joshi as per ‘C.R.P.C. 149’. ( Would the Police officials issuing notices to those who oppose vulgar scenes in movies, allow women in their own homes to be filmed in such vulgar scenes ? Can they get themselves to watch such vulgar scenes along with their family ? – Editor SP)

The kissing scene in the Marathi movie ‘Jogwa’ is very vulgar and provocative and it is against Hindu Culture. Thus they have demanded that it must be removed from the movie through a memorandum submitted to the Vishrambag Police Station. However, this triggered an opposite reaction from the Police. ‘Jogwa’ will be released in Pune this coming Friday. Against this background, Vishrambag Police Station’s Senior Police Inspector Mr. Motichand Rathod asked Ranaragini members to come to the Police Station. Then members of HJS and Ranaragini member Mrs. Anjali Joshi along with other women members went to the Police Station. At this time, Mrs. Joshi said, “The kissing scene in the movie ‘Jogwa’ is really very objectionable and it can’t be watched along with family members. It is sign that we are becoming habituated to watching such uncultured behaviour in Marathi movies. So if this kissing scene is not removed from the movie, we will try to create awareness about the ill effects of it in the viewers of this movie.”

Then Mr. Rathod said, “We will convey your feelings and objections; you should not act in a way which will create a law and order problem.” Taking shelter of Censor Board. Then HJS told Mr. Rathod that ‘Until now HJS has conducted all its movements and agitations within the framework of the law and in a peaceful manner.” Yet, the Police have issued a notice to Mrs. Anjali Joshi. (This is not first time that the Pune Police have accused  the innocent instead of the criminals ! If instead it were the Muslims who had made some demands, would the Police have dared to issue a notice to them ? – Editor SP)

It has been said in the notice, “You have demanded though a written memorandum that many things in this movie are against Hindu Dharma and Hindu Culture and the objectionable scenes in this movie should be removed. You should get justice about this demand in a lawful way. It should be noted that after the release of the movie, if any question about the Law and Order is generated due to the activities of HJS, then we will hold you responsible for it and will take action against you. (Such a statement of the Police is tantamount to saying that ‘We will allow the theft to happen and if you dare try to stop it, we will take action against you as you have taken the law into your own hands’. How can such a Police system ever provide good holistic governance to the Citizens? – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat


HJS’ Ranaragini wing submits a memorandum to Dy. Police Commissioner, Pune against the movie  ‘Jogwa'

September 23, 2009

Ashwin Shuddha Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Pune (Maharashtra): ‘Jogwa’ movie will be released on 18 September all over Maharashtra. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Ranaragini wing submitted a memorandum to Pune’s Dy. Police Commissioner Mr. Ravindra Senagavakar against the vulgar scenes in the movie ‘Jogwa’.

Delegation of Ranaragini wing giving memorandum to Dy. Police Commissioner

Delegation of Ranaragini wing giving memorandum to Dy. Police Commissioner
At first Mr. Senagavakar listened to all the information provided by Ranaragini members and assured that ‘This issue will be put before the Government and we will also check that is this issue comes under IPC Section 295 (A)’. At this time, Ranaragini members Mrs. Anjali Joshi, Mrs. Manasi Shrishrimal, Mrs. Vaishali Gujar, Ms. Kranti Petkar, Ms. Anamika Kate and HJS members Mr. Sunil Ghanwat and Mr. Amol Mehta were present along with some other HJS members.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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