Police enquiry into SS, HJS and DSP

Shravan Shuddha Dashami

Police are conducing enquiry into Sanatan Prabhat, Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for past 1-1/2 months. Method of police enquiry into activities of an organization engaged in protection of Nation and Dharma is given below in detail from the viewpoint of welfare of the society.


On Ashadha Shuddha Chaturdashi, Kali-yuga year 5110 (on 17th July 2008), Shri. Deshmukh, Police Sub-inspector made enquiry about Shri. Vijay Shirsat (Niphad centre, Nashik) when the following conversation took place.

Shri. Deshmukh :
Were your people involved in bomb blast that occurred at Thane?
Seeker: There is no connection between the persons involved and Sanatan; and we have declared already it through newspapers.
D: Will there be a procession?
S: No.
D: What is the schedule of the program?
S: There will be puja, discourse and distribution of Prasad.
D: How many people would be sttending the program?
S: Last year, half the hall was full; but can’t say about this year. 
D: OK.
S: Sir, you too come for the program. Namaskar!

On 30th July 2008, a call was received by a member of HJS from local crime branch, Barshi (Solapur Dist.). Given below is the conversation that took place between them.

Police: Namaskar (takes member’s name). I am constable Jadhav from local crime branch of Barshi police station. Can you give me your full name? Do you work for Sanatan?

Member: (Giving his full name), I have nothing to do with Sanatan.

Police: We want 10-12 names of Sanatan members.

Member: I work for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
Police: (talks loudly to his colleague) take his name under Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. (talking to HJS member) Tell me your full name.
Member: Why are you asking my name? What exactly do you want?

Police: We are collecting all names; Sanatan, Hindu Mahasabha, RSS, HJS etc. We need the names in connection with a meeting being held to decide about law and order situation during celebration of some festivals.

When is this meeting and in what context?

Police: Not immediately but some time in future.
We got your number from ‘Flex’ board. I called you up thinking that I’ll get all information from you.

Member: OK. I had never heard your name in the past, in this police station; therefore, I was just confirming.

Police: Yes, I have been recently transferred here. Come to the police station some time so that we can talk and get to know each other.

OK, see you.

Police enquire Sanatan’s seeker in Amaravati, Maharashtra

Aug 11, 2008

Shravan Shuddha Dashami

Police visited a seeker’s house at Amaravati when the following conversation took place.
Police (P): We are special executive officer from Frazerpura police station; can we talk to your husband?
Lady Seeker (S) : He is not here.
P: Where is he?
S: He has gone to Nashik to attend a wedding ceremony.
P: Where does he generally stay?
S: Jalgaon.
P: Since when?
S: 2-3 years
P: Where is he employed?
S: He was working for ‘Jeevan-Pradhikaran’; but opted for VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme).
P: Was it really voluntary?
S: Yes.
P: How many years have passed since he opted for VRS?
S: It has been 7-8 years.
P: When does he come home? 
S: Sometimes; but it is not fixed.
P: Where does he stay in Jalgaon?
S: I don’t know the exact place.
P: Does he work for ‘Sanatan Prabhat”?
S: Yes
P: How many children do you have?
S: 3
P: What are their names? What is the name of the eldest?  (Lady-seeker) tells the name of her eldest daughter.
P: What does she do?
S: She does the ‘seva’ of spreading spirituality. She is studying personal management.
P: Where?
S: At Vidyabharati College.
P: What is the name of the other child?
S: (Tells the name of other daughter)
P: What is she doing?
S: B.A. at Women’s college.
P: What is the name of the third child? What is he doing?
S: (Tells the name of the other), studying in V.M.V College in 12th standard.
P: What do you do?
S: I am a house wife.
P: There are few hoardings on display. Are they yours?
S: We explain the science behind all rituals and deities; we also show how to perform puja.
P: What is your phone number?
S: (She gave her number).
P: OK, we take leave.
S: What are your names?
P: (Police tell their names) 

Enquiries by police in Kolhapur district on the occasion of Guru-Pournima

At 9.00 p.m., on the previous day of GP, a seeker from Ichalkaranji Kendra received a call from an Officer of LIR branch.

Police (P): At how many places in Kolhapur district, GP programs are to be held?
P: In Kolhapur city, at how many places such programs have been arranged?
Seeker (S): There is one at Gadakari Hall in Kolhapur city; I don’t know about the rest.
P: What kind of program will be there?
S: Guru-pujan, 2 discourses and short play by children.
P: Who is the chief of Kolhapur district? 
S: Dr. Pingale
Police thanked him and disconnected.

Another lady-seeker from Ichalkaranji also got similar call from Ichalkaranji and same type of enquiry was made. She gave Dr. Pingale’s contact no. and asked them to talk to him.

After some time, a lady-seeker of Sanatan received a call from police while she was traveling and they asked her about Dr. Pingale. When she enquired about the nature of work, they asked about venue of GP programs and details of the programs. 

On 31st July 2008, police called up a Sanatan seeker over phone for enquiry. Conversation that took place between them is given below.

Police (P): I am calling from Rajapeth police station. Are you a Sanatan seeker?
Seeker (S): Yes
P: I want information about Ashok Patrikar. Do you know him?
S: Yes, I do.
P: We have received some papers from Jalgaon about him and we need to check them out.  Do you know anything about him? 
S: He used to be in Amaravati earlier; but presently I don’t’ know his whereabouts.
P: Is he involved in Sanatan activities?
S: Yes
P: There is his address of Shyamnagar and we need to check some papers; therefore. I called you up.
(He disconnected after this conversation.)

A lady-seeker from Pandharpur (Solapur dist.) was interrogated by the police. 

Police (P): Where does your husband stay?
Lady seeker (S): He stays in another place.
P: Where?
S: Jalgaon 
P: What does he do there?
S: He takes satsangs.
P: What about his job?
S: He has opted for VRS.
P: Then he must be getting pension. How much does he get?
S: I do not know how much pension does he get?
P: How many children do you have?

On 7th July 2008, police called up Kore Hospital, Miraj, Sangali at 7.00 p.m. to enquire about programs planned on the occasion of Guru-pournima.

Police (P): At how many places are you going to have Guru-Pournima functions?
Seeker (S): We celebrate Guru-Pournima everywhere.
P: What is the nature of programs?
S: There will be Guru-pujan followed with discourse; I, however, don’t have the details.  P: Is there going to be exhibition at the venue of your programs?
S: I do not know the details. 
P: At how many places in all, there are going to be celebrations of Guru-Pournima and what are the timings?
S: I don’t have details.
P: At which place will be Dr. Pingale available?
S: I don’t know. But why are you asking such details?
P: If there is enquiry, we can give the information. (The phone was then disconnected by the police)

Goa police enquire into Sanatan Sanstha

On 30th June, two policemen visited Dr. Pandurang Marathe’s house at Dhamse, Goa. They were in plain clothes. They informed Dr. Marathe that they were conducting enquiry of Sanatan and noted down the name and contact number of Dr. Marathe. Thereafter, they had unofficial discussions with Dr. Marathe before leaving. On the same day, police visited Shri. Purushottam Marathe, another seeker of Sanatan staying at Bimbal (Sattari, Goa) for holding enquiry.

Goa Crime Investigation Department (CID) hold enquiry

On 26th July, two policemen in plain clothes from Dicholi, Goa visited Dr. Pandurang Marathe’s residence. They informed him that they were from CID. They told him that they were collecting information about a religious place that has recently come up in the area or any satsang newly started. They also told him that they got to know about the satsang held at Dr. Marathe’s residence. Dr. Marathe informed the police that for the last 5 years, no activities were held in the area.

On 30th June 2008, police were sent to residence of Shri. Anant Gaokar, a seeker of Sanatan from Dhamse and made enquiry about him with his wife. The two policemen conducting enquiry were in plain clothes. How police conduct enquiry into affairs of an rganization engaged in protection of Nation and Dharma and details of the conversation that transpired between police and Mrs. Gaokar is given below from the viewpoint of welfare of the society.

Police (P) : Does Anant Gaokar stay here?
Mrs. Gaokar (G): Yes
P : Are you his wife?
G: Yes                                                                
P: Where does he work? Is it at Walapai?
G: Why are you asking all these details? Do you have any work with him?
P: We have received instructions to interrogate him. Is he the chief of Sanatan Sanstha?
G: Not exactly. He goes for satsangs and propagation of spirituality. If you need more information, please ask him
when he comes home for lunch in the afternoon.
P: Is farming his occupation?
G: Yes; besides we have kept cows.
P: Do his brothers too work for the Sanstha?
G: No.
P: Does the house on the other side of the road belong to his brother?
G: Yes.
P: Ok, we are leaving. We have to still carry out enquiry of others.
(The police left thereafter.)

Police check Sanatan’s courier mail

Ashadh Krushna Ekadashi

Mail sent in the name of the ashram, even by courier, is checked by the Police. People should know how police enquire into those who work for protection of nation and Dharma; a seeker’s experience is given below for the purpose.

Police check seeker’s papers sent through courier on the address of Sanatan ashram

My daughter had sent some papers to Sanatan Ashram, Goa, from Nashik that were in the name of my wife and urgently required for our personal work. The papers sent through ‘Trust Courier Company’ on 4th July by courier, were received by us on 14th July i.e. after exactly 10 days. On delay in receiving papers, we enquired with the courier company at Nashik as to why there was so much of delay in receiving the papers, we were informed that the papers were sent in the name of ‘Sanatan Sanstha, Ramnathi,Goa’ and after reading the name Sanatan on the envelop, police were checking the papers and due to police enquiry, workers from the courier office were not ready to take them to ashram. When I personally requested the courier office to hand over the papers, the same were sent to the ashram – a seeker, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

Police enquiry into SS, DSP and HJS

July 26, 2008

Ashadh Krushna Ekadashi

On 23rd July 2008, a policeman went to the lady-seeker’s house at 3.15 p.m. A report of his questioning
Police (P): I have come from Old Goa police station. Can you give me the name of Sanatan’s agent?
Lady seeker (LS): I don’t know.
P: Who are the persons bringing DSP issues? Do you keep a note of their names etc.
LS: No. 
P: Who are the people buying Sanatan Prabhat?
LS: Anyone can subscribe to it.
P: But who brings it here?
LS:  The issue is brought by distribution car of ‘Tarun Bharat’; but I have no exact information about it.
P: We have heard that many (of Sanatan) visit your place.
LS: Not many; about 4-5 persons come. We come together on the occasions like religious festivals etc.
P: Who talks about spiritual practice?
LS: Shri. Sushant Dalavi 
P: Will he be coming here today? He must be coming everyday isn’t it?
LS: No. He does not come everyday. He comes only on special occasions.
P: Give me names of all those who come here. You must be knowing all of them.
LS: No, I do not know everyone.
P: Tell the name of at least one person.
LS: Mrs. Teja Borkar. 
P: Where does she stay?
LS: Chimbal
P: Does any activities are going on there? LS: No.
P: Do you meet her?
LS: Not regularly; only when there is something special.
P: Who guides you on chanting etc?
LS: Shri. Sushant Dalvi. 
P: Give his contact number ( LS gives his residence number. Then, police called up one person named Sagar and informed him that there was no noting of anything here. He also informs Sagar that LS does chanting etc. ( Sagar must be from police dept. or their informer. Later the policeman gave the number to LS)
Sagar (S): (over telephone) Nothing is going on there?
LS: Nothing (She returns the phone to the policeman.)
P: He (Sagar) told us that many people come here.
LS: I don’t know; you better ask him.
P: Who is the agent of DSP?
LS: No one. 
P: Where is the office? How do you keep notes regarding ‘Sanatan Prabhat?
LS: I have no idea. There is a contact number mentioned on the issue of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. You can contact there.
P: Do not be afraid. We keep note of temples etc. because if tomorrow terrorists come; you will call us only for help. Then it will be ok. (He said it for 2-3 times)
LS: I am not afraid. I have full faith in God who takes care of me.
P: we have heard that many people come here. 
LS: I told you so many times that it is not true and I do not much know about other matters.

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

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