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Discussion program telecast on ‘ZEE- 24 Taas’ news channel on ‘If a wife is like Sita, what about the husband?’

Prabhu Shriram and Mata Sita

Prabhu Shriram and Mata Sita

When it is expected that wife should be like Sita, it implies that husband should be like Shriram, stated Mr. Manoj Khadye, an activist of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) during a discussion program telecast on ‘ZEE – 24 Taas’ news channel held recently; the topic for discussion was ‘If wife is like Sita, what about the husband?’. Mumbai High Court had recently made a remark while pasing judgement in a divorce case that ‘wife should be like Sita’. A discussion program was held on this news channel in which Mr. Ganesh Sovani, a famous advocate, actress Shilpa Tulaskar, social worker Sharda Sathe and Mr. Manoj Khadye, an activist of HJS took part. 

Mr. Khadye said further, “Sita was an ideal as wife. There needs to be ideal governance like ‘Ram-rajya’ in the present times. There is a saying that ‘Raja Kaalasya Kaaranam’. ‘Ram-rajya’ is referred to as a concept of ideal governance. The present rulers do not give up their posts despite being accused of corruption. In such situation, even the marriage system is adversely affected. Hindus do not abide by Dharma due to lack of ‘Dharma-shikshan’; therefore, discussions are held by creating such questions. We can try to set up ideal governing system to overcome the current situation.   

Sharda Sathe’s anti-Dharma statements

 1. A wife should tolerate injustice meted out by husband, is the meaning of ‘Sita’. (Had that been the meaning, after millions of years, Sita would not have been worshipped even today. – Editor SP)

2. People sing praises of ‘Maryaadaa Purushottam Shriram’ in this country; (Any amount of praises would be less to describe Shriram; but one needs the ability to appreciate; else one would not understand ! – Editor SP) but Shriram who freed Sita from the clutches of Ravana, left her in forest although she was pregnant.  (Shriram had left Sita in the forest not as a husband but as a king. A washerman had raised doubt about Sita’s character; therefore, Shriram took such action as a king; but He had not deserted Sita. During ‘Ashwamedh Yadya’, Shriram installed an idol of Sita and completed the ‘Yadnya’. It was possible for him to re-marry; but he didn’t do so; therefore, he is called as ‘Ek-patni-vrat’. Such doubts are created in minds of Hindus only due to lack of faith in Shriram and Hindu Dharma. Hindus should note that such doubts are never raised by Muslims and Christians about their Dharma ! – Editor SP)

3. Today, there are 30% husbands like Shriram who have left Sita. (Without any knowledge on life history of Shriram, Sharda Sathe is making irresponsible statements and hurting religious sentiments of Hindus ! – Editor SP)

4. A man should not be like ‘ Shriram’. One, who does injustice to his wife, cannot do justice to others. (Every Hindu man should have a goal of becoming like Sri Shriram and the wife should be like Sita, to be a true wife.  One who does not know this, only makes such statements and praises those presenting ‘Satya che Prayog’. Sri Shriram’s was an ideal governance and in the past millions of years, no King has governed in similar ideal manner; but Sathe is conveniently forgetting the facts !-  Editor SP)

5. Courts are meant for doing justice to weaker sections of society; but by giving examples from Shriramyana and Mahabharata, Court is making statements which can be misused by those having power. (Making such statements against Court amounts to contempt of Court. Court passes verdicts giving examples based on holy scriptures of Hindus; therefore, such heretics do not like it ! – Editor SP)

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Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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