Literati engaged in distortion of saints are real mental terrorists!

Magh Krushna Dashmi

Conclusion of ‘Bhakti-Shakti’ union

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra): The function to celebrate ‘Bhakti-Shakti’ union, going on for the last whole week, was concluded with a ‘keertan’ by Santveer H. Bandatatya Karadkar. The function was held on behalf of Maharashtra Warakari Mahamandal. HBP. Karadkar said, "What should one say about such literati who are engrossed in their own imaginary world. In fact, they are the real mental terrorists. These literati has no right to portray our saints in perverted manner as they themselves are engrossed in just eating and drinking during literary conferences. If at all they want to write something, they should write about our leaders; writing in such manner against our saints will cost them very dearly." More than 10,000 devotees participated in the week-long function.

Warakaris firm on their demand of resignation of Yadav!         

It was unanimously decided by all warakaris, fadakaris from Warakari Sect, all-India Warakari Mahamandal and Maharashtra Warakari Mahamandal that the literati conference would not be held if Dr. Anand Yadav does not resign from the post of the president of all-India Marathi literati conference.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


‘Bhakti-Shakti Sangam Sohala’ of Varkari inaugurated

February 12, 2009

Sambhajinaga (Maharashtra)r:  The ‘Bhakti-Shakti Sangam Sohala'( Festival of the union of Devotion and Might) organized under the auspices of Maharastra Varkari Mahamandal  was inaugurated by the prominent  personalities of the Varkari Sect today at 12.30 p.m. at Sant Tukobaray Nagari, Garware Stadium in an atmosphere which was charged with spiritual emotion. More than 2000 devotees were present for the occasion. The inauguration started with puja( ritualistic worship) of Dhwaja( Holy flag) at the hands of Haribhaktiparayan Prakash Maharaj Jawanjal, Pesident of Maharastra Varkari Mahamandal. The lamp was lighted by Haribhaktiparayan Wakikar Maharaj . The image of Lord Vitthal was worshipped by Haribhaktiparayan Chaware Maharaj and Haribhaktiparayan Sarada Maharaj. The Kalash ( the water pot) was worshipped by Haribhaktiparayan  Shri Gopichandji Chate. Haribhaktiparayan Sandeepan Maharaj performed Veena worship while the Holy Text ‘ Dnyaneshwari’ was worshipped at the hands of H.H. Balyogi Kashigiri Maharaj. 


Haribhaktiparayan Prakash Maharaj Javanjal doing Dhvajapujan

Haribhaktiparayan Prakash Maharaj Javanjal doing Dhvajapujan

The stage had the notable Holy presence of Haribhaktiparayan Vitthal Maharaj Choudhary( Mothe Buva); Swami Dayananda Maharaj, Selgaon; H.H. Kashigiri Maharaj; Haribhaktiparayan Anand Maharaj; Haribhaktiparayan Rampal Maharaj; Haribhaktiparayan Achyut Maharaj Kulkarni; Haribhaktiparayan Dyaneshwar maharaj Sathe; Haribhaktiparayan Pandurang Maharaj Palshikar and Haribhaktiparayan Krusna Maharaj Nawale. The inaugural Kirtan by Haribhaktiparayan Chaware Maharaj kept the devotees spell bound.

Sambhajinagar resounded with the acclamation of ‘ Pundalik Varade Hari Vitthal’!

A grand procession was taken out from the N 2 Kamgar Chowk at the start of the festival. The procession which went on for nearly four hours contained  Varkaris who were engrossed in chanting of God’s Name accompanied by the rhythm of Tal ( a type of cymbal- musical instrument) and Mrudunga( a type of Bharatiya drums) with yellow and saffron coloured flags in their hands, drawing the attention of all people. The acclamation of ‘ Pundalik Varade Hari Vitthal’ during the procession charged the environment with the nectar of devotion.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Varkari meet at Sambhajinagar!

February 11, 2009

Will demand for ‘Varkari Central Committee’ to the Government to tackle the denigration of Deities!- Haribhaktiparayan Rameshwar Maharaj

The Bhakti Shakti Sangam Sohala’( Festival denoting Union of Devotion and Strength) which is being organized by Maharashtra Varkari Mahamandal for last three years is being organized this year at Sambhaji Nagar during the period 11th February to 18th February. The conference is supposed to take place on 15th February. The chief attraction of the conference is the demand by Varkaris to establish a ‘Central Varkari Committee’ to oppose the denigration of the Deities. Similarly the speeches of the office-bearers of the major political parties from the stage of the programme which will decide the changes in the affairs of the state. On this occasion the Vice- President of Maharashtra Varkari Mahamandal Haribhaktiparayan Rameshwar Maharaj has offered following information….

The chief objective of the festival is to unite for God, Country and Dharma

The main objective of the’ Bhakti Shakti Sangam  festival’ is to bring together entire Varkari Sect and its associated organizations through its medium and to have a extensive dialogue on the subjects of God, Country and Dharma and guide the society accordingly. This custom of festival was started three years back at Sindkhed Raja. This was later followed by programmes at Satara, Panvel and now at Garware Stadium, Sambhajinagar.

The never-before union of Bhakti and Shakti!

The festival is spread over one week. During these seven days there is large scale organization of Kirtans, lectures, Satsang and discussion about chanting. This way the devotion amongst the Varkaris is doubly enhanced. Thus between the two names i.e. Bhakti and Shakti, Bhakti is accomplished. Once this is accomplished the Shakti is automatically accomplished. Thus there is no need to do anything extra. The Varkari Sect never exhibits its strength neither it comes together for that purpose.

A unique method of selecting the President

Unlike other conferences the President for this Bhakti-Shakti Sangam festival is never chosen by way of elections; instead it is chosen on the spot unanimously.The reason is that  however one may be great individually,all are considered equal here.The committee has the sole power to name the president for this festival.

The government is indifferent towards the resolutions passed in the conferences

Even though several resolutions were submitted to government by lakhs of Varkaris during the last three festivals, the utterly inactive government could not implement the resolutions. However looking at our agitations opposing the DOW project, we are hopeful that the government will seriously look into our resolutions and implement them.

Will demand a ‘ Varkari Scrutiny Board’ to government

We are going to demand the sanction of government recognized  ‘Varkari Central Committee’ during the current festival to permanently stop the current mud slinging by various media on deities, Saints and Varkari Sect.  We are going to demand that the  literary men should first send their literature to ‘Varkari Central Committee’ and get it scrutinized before embarking on handling any topic pertaining to Varkari Sect, Saints or Deities and it can only be given permission to publish the said literature if nothing objectionable is found in it. Few years back when Maharashtra Education Board had done insult to Saint Tukaram Maharaj, we had forwarded such a concept to the government. Now Anand Yadav who is president of All  Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan has insulted Tukaram Maharaj through his book called ‘ Santasurya Tukaram’. We condem this and therefore going to demand in this festival a ‘Varkari Central Committee’.

The festival is started to tackle the Hindu haters- Haribhaktiparayan Prakash Maharaj Javanjal

Three years back some persons started large scale efforts to break Hinduism and Hindu Dharma. This efforts were quite obvious. Therefore this festival was started with a broad view of  tackling  these evil tendencies by making Hindus aware of these Hindu haters who in spite of being born as Hindus conspire against Hindu Dharma, and awakening them towards God, Country and Dharma.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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