Hindu Deities’s idols vandalized at Ponda (Goa) !

Chaitra Krushna Trutiya

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Phonda (Goa): The giant idol of Sree Ganapati, the idol of mouse situated in front of the it together with idols of Sthanadevata, Sree Vishnu and Lord Ganapati near the seat of Tulasi (Tulasi Vrindavan) and the trunks of four elephants on the Tulasi vrindavan have been vandalized by some unknown persons on the hills of Khadapabandh, Ponda. The idol of Nandi situated in front of the Deity has also been uprooted. Police have registered an offence under section 295 and the investigations are on. (Everyone knows to which society do the idol-breakers belong. If the police proceed in that direction, they may get some clues! – Editor)

Two fingers of Sree Ganapati’s idol that is built with cement near the temple have been broken. The mouth of the mouse has been smashed. The idols of three local Deities made of rock have also been uprooted and thrown away. The cement foundation of a big trident installed near the temple has been broken. The faces of the idols of Sree Vishnu and Sree Ganesh on the Tulasi vrindavan have been cracked. The unknown idol-breaker had intended to deface the main idols of Shankar, Parvati and Ganapati in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple as there are marks on lock of its door to suggest that the miscreants tried to break the lock. As the lock could not be broken, their efforts proved futile. 

The incident seems to have taken place on Saturday, the April 19 and it came to notice only on April 21. A police force has been deployed at the temple for security purpose. 

‘Dainik Goa Doot’ gave prominence to the news of vandalism!

Dainik Goa Doot devoted a place of prominence to the news of vandalism at Khadapabandh, Ponda, carrying relevant pictures on the first page. 

Recent incidents of vandalism of idols of Deities in Goa

  1. Smashing of 5 temples and idols of Deities in Sange-Kudachade region during the last 4 years.
  2. Breakage of the Shiva-Linga and idol of Shri Krushna in Raakhanadev temple in Kakoda village on 3rd April 2007.
  3. Vandalism of idols of Shri Ganesh, Shiva-Linga and Nandi in Shri Shiva-Krushna temple at Bamboli on 15th September 2007.
  4. Breakage of Shri Sati Devi at Kakoda on 19th December 2007.
  5. Desecration of Shri Nag Devata in the premises of Shri Shanta Durga temple at Shelde on 22nd December 2007.
  6. Destruction of tomb-like structure of Shri Saakhalyeshar Dev temple at Pato, Panaji on 21st January 2008.
  7. Vandalism of idols of Shri Vetal, Shri Betal and Shri Gajantlakshmi in the Bondla sanctuary at Usgaon, Ganje on 24th January.

(Temples are the haven of faith of the idol-worshipper Hindus. It is the responsibility of the government to preserve the temples which are objects of faith of the Hindus. The Congress government at the centre has not only decided to destroy the Ram Setu, which is an object of faith of millions of Hindus, under the ‘Setu Samudram Shipping Canal’ project, but has also instigated Hindu hatred among the non-Hindus and made the Hindu temples vulnerable. What right does the Congress have to rule over a country dominated by the Hindus? – Editor)

Reactions of ardent Hindus on the Khadapabandh sacrilege 

Shri. Vinayak Chyari, Goa-state-chief of Bajrang Dal – A chain of vandalism of Hindu temples has started in Goa. Not a single case is solved. Today the temple which was built under the aegis of the home minister and was situated near his house has been destroyed. The home minister Shri Ravi Naik should own the responsibility and resign from his post.

Shri. Jayesh Naik, South Goa-state-chief of Bajrang Dal – The increasing attacks on the Hindu temples is a sign of the ensuing horrible time. As the police are under pressure from the politicians, they are unable to carry on investigations in proper directions. If the police cannot investigate the matter, they should hand over the case to us. The people will take proper decisions. Now the Hindus should not depend on any one for their protection, they should rather prepare themselves for protection. 

Shri. Raju Velingkar, Dharmajagaran-chief, RSS – The incident is unfortunate. It has already been proved that the police machinery is helpless to investigate such matters. Had this been an object of faith of Muslims or Christians, the Congress government would have rushed to their rescue. But it cares a damn for the sentiments of the Hindus. If the home minister cannot protect the temple owned by him near his house, how will he protect us?  This incident is a good slap in the face of the home minister. He should learn a lesson from the incident and become wise.

Shri. Jayesh Thali, Dharmashakti Sena, Goa-state-spokesperson – It is a matter of shame that the temples in the land of Parashuram are vandalized and the police machinery is unable to provide adequate security. Yesterday a shopkeeper, in full view of the police, aimed a gun at the engineer of corporation who had gone to demolish the unauthorized structures in Mhapusa. But not a single offence has been registered in the police station. Today they break the temples; tomorrow they will vandalize our houses and lay their hands on our sisters and mothers. We have preserved the temples despite the ‘inquisition’ of the Portuguese. The Hindus should remember this history and be prepared for an armed struggle. 

Shri. Upendra Gaokar, state-president, Shiv Sena, Goa – Shiv Sena protests the incident. The government should take the matter seriously. They should not leave the matter under the pretext that the culprits were drunkards or insane or by appointing a committee. Nothing can be achieved by that. Else the Hindus will take to streets. 

Dr. Manoj Solanki, Goa-state-spokersperson, HJS
– The government has maintained silence despite a chain of vandalism of temples in Goa. Had the government taken the same stand if it were the objects of faith of religions? In order to make the masses aware of the ensuing horrible time, the HJS has been organizing Dharmajagruti Sabhas with the blessings of saints. This is a serious issue and the Hindus ought to unite and remain awakened and alert. The incident of Phonda is worth condemning and we protest it on behalf of the Samiti. The government must take the issue seriously and take urgent action on the real culprits.

(5% Christians are better at protecting their place of worship, than 75% Hindus. Sadly, this spate of idol desecration in Goa has not been highlighted anywhere. Is this something taken for granted in Goa, a Portugese legacy to be lived with? Aren’t the 60% Hindus of Goa bothered? – Editor)

Coverage by The Navhind Times

Idol desecration incident condemned

NT News Service

Ponda: Condemning the incident of idols desecration that occurred on late Sunday night at Shankar Parvati temple, Khadpaband, Ponda, the members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Shiv Sena, North Goa, on Tuesday submitted memorandums to the deputy superintendent of police.

They demanded that the culprits be booked immediately by the police. Around 12 such incidents were reported in last four years and that police should be serious in their investigations, pointed out Mr. Jayesh Thali in the memorandum.

The signatories to the memorandum also demanded that police should give protection to the temples as such incidents are on the rise. Mr. Damu Naik, the chief of the North Goa Shiv Sena in his memorandum said that police, should conduct proper investigation in the incidents.

When contacted the Dy SP, Mr. Mahesh Gaonkar he said that finger print experts were called in and that the case is booked against unknown persons. Mr. A. Gaonkar said that he would do his best to book the culprits. It may be recalled that on Sunday night some miscreants vandalised the idols of Lord Ganesha and  Nandi at Shankar Parvati temple at Khadpaband, Ponda.

Source: navhindtimes.com

Images of Vandalised Idols of Shankar-Parvati-Ganapati Temple, Phonda (Goa)

Photo 1

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 4

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

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