Blasphemous Presentation of Lord Shiva by an Advertising Agency, in the name of Eastern Branding!

The proposed advertisment commercial has been created by Mr. B. Ramnathkar, Director, Umbrella advertising agency for D&G, a multi-national Company for its Indian debut. This will soon be put on Postors and large street signs, presented on Television and media! What a way to attract Indians ?

1. The picture below shows a two headed Lord Shiva, which is incorrect from the point of view of Hindu Scriptures which mention Lord Shiva as Five Headed.
2. Representing ordinary human as Lord Shiva that too with a wierd form has hurt the Religious sentiments of millions of Hindus who worship the deity.
3. Use of Hindu deities for advertisements and branding is offensive and an abuse to the deity and its devotees.

This picture has been taken from Outdoor Advertising, a Magazine from an article, "creativity and Outdoors" written by Mr. Vasant Jante, Editor of the magazine
in Oct-Nov issue on Pg 26 of the magazine.

As Hindus and devotees of Lord Shiva, it is our duty to protest against such advertisements and commercials which use our deities as "Brand Creation Objects".

By using deities as objects, we denigrate them from their "deity" status and bring them to the level of gross non-living objects.

Lord Shiva is the family deity of Crores of Hindus. As per science of spirituality, there are as many spiritual paths as there are people in this world. Each one is unique so is his path to divine knowledge. A Family deity is like a family-member to millions of Hindus. Thus the Company has insulted so many families in the process of its so called advertisement.

We also knowingly or unknowingly treat the deities as "imaginary", thus causing damage to the spiritual beliefs of the devotees. It is morally and legally incorrect to hurt anyone’s Religious sentiments in this manner.

Is this what the devout Hindus get for their over-tolerance or do you think about Hindus as just a bunch of gutless cowards who cannot even utter a word of protest against such recurring blasphemy against their beloved deities ?

Can anyone branding us as fundamentalists, please try to answer the following question?

Would the company have dared to show Jesus Christ in the same fashion ? or Mohammed Paigambar ? Then it would be evident who the real fundamentalists are!

As organisation which is spiritually Hindu in nature cannot be fanatical due to the non-fanatical fundamentals of Hinduism !

Hinduism is the only Religion which states, "Sarveshaam Avirodhen"(Without opposition to anyone)
live and let live. And this is what we get in return ?

Hindu please protest against the advertisment and contribute towards taking legal action against the Agency and Magazine using the resources given below:

Website :
Mr. Vasant Jante,
Editor, Outdoor Advertising,
201, 2nd Floor, Krishna Commercial Centre,
6, Udyog Nagar, Nr. Kamat Club,
SV Road, Goregaon (W),
Mumbai – 400 062
Email : [email protected]

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