MF Husain’s blasphemous works on Sale in US.

M.F. Husain is again at it. His obnoxious works are on auction for big money, this time at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York on 29 and 30 March, respectively. Some links to the effect are given below.

CNN-IBN news:§ion_id=8
Sotheby?s Indian & Southeast Asian Art: (Click on ‘minisite’ on the right and again on ‘Indian & Southeast Asian Art’ till works 5 and 12 can be seen)
(To browse the complete catalogue and search by Maqbool Fida Husain, one needs to register and sign on.)
Christie?s Indian & Southeast Asian Art:
(Once at the above link, browse the catalogue and refine the search for ‘Maqbool Fida Husain’
OR directly use the below link:

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In Sotheby’s auction, there are 20 of Husain’s paintings, while at Christie’s, there are 16. Many of them are ranging well over $100,000!
M. F. Husain’s works appear on these auctions too, in his characteristic perverted ‘style’, with several of the paintings denigrating Hindu deities and Dharma as an added measure. Look at some of the denigrating paintings at Christie’s:
Maya with Hanuman:

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Two faced Ganesh with ball on trunk

The following is one of the denigrating works of Husain in his offerings at Sotheby’s; it can be viewed with a login account at Sotheby’

BLUE FIGURE WITH HORSES (depicts a nude, female horse rider with a Sage meditating in the background)

While some of these works are from private collections, benefiting private owners, some are from Husain, benefiting Husain’s coffers. Either way, the public exhibition and sale of Husain’s so-called art is as bad as rewarding him with further fame and fortune for his denigration!

The auctions are only a couple of days away. Hence, let us protest urgently and vehemently, inundating the auctioneers with emails and phone calls (contact info given below), drawing their attention to Husain’s callous denigration of Hindu Deities and Dharma, and the worldwide campaign that is currently on to protest his works, and asking them to remove his works from their auction, as a gesture of sensitivity to their Hindu clientele and Hindus worldwide.

Contact information for protesting to Sotheby’s:

Robin Dean, Director
Indian and Southeast Asian Art
Tel: 020 7293 6603
[email protected]

New York:
Anuradha Ghosh-Mazumdar, Senior Cataloguer
Indian and Southeast Asian Art
Tel: 212 894 1102
Fax: 212 894 1367
[email protected]
Gale J. Berninghausen, Administrator
Tel: 212 606 7304
Fax: 212 894 1367
[email protected]

Contact information for protesting to Christie’s:
Sale Contacts
Dr. Hugo Weihe
[email protected]

Sandhya Jain
[email protected]
Tel: 212 636 2190

Bid Department
Tel: 212 636 2436
Fax: 212 636 4938

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