Conversions by Missionaries stopped by HJS member!

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Shri. Sanjog Devrukhkar, HJS Member

Shri. Sanjog Devrukhkar, HJS Member

Mumbai: Earlier missionaries were visiting only the tribal areas and deceiving poor and helpless Hindus to convert them. But now, these missionaries are found even on local trains in Mumbai. One such missionary entered a local train and started advising people to make a prayer to Jesus when Shri. Sanjog Devrukhkar, a member of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) stopped him.

Shri. Sanjog Devrukhkar, a member of HJS was traveling from Vile Parle to Borivali by a local train recently. He saw that a Christian missionary was propagating Christianity and advising people to surrender to Jesus. He was distributing pamphlets which said ‘Only Jesus can give you relief from sickness, mental tension and distresses. Christianity and Jesus are the ultimate truth. All of you surrender to Jesus and pray to him.’ All the travelers were listening to him. Shri. Sanjog accosted him. The person immediately recited a few stanzas from Bhagavat Geeta and said that all religions finally take us to only one truth and he was only propagating the truth. Shri. Devarukhkar told him that he should propagate truth among Christians or in church and not in a public place. He asked the missionary whether Hindu missionaries would be allowed to propagate in Christian dominated areas. He told co-passengers about the ploy of Christian missionaries.

The passengers took all the pamphlets from the missionary and handed them over to Shri. Devarukhkar. He took the person to Borivali railway police station along with 4 co-passengers as witnesses. There was a reporter of a periodical ‘Dharmarakshak’ among them. Police questioned the missionary. He said that he was staying in slum area in Borivali (East). He was to commit suicide but after praying to Jesus, he felt like living again. That is why he was propagating Christianity. Police Inspector admonished the person and interrogated him in the presence of other police officials as also consulted his senior for further course of action. He also enquired about the person who had printed the pamphlets and talked to him and advised him that it was wrong to distribute such pamphlets in train and a complaint was received against him for hurting feelings of Hindus. The police said that if again the person was found indulging in similar activities, they would take action against him.

(Congratulations to Shri. Sanjog Devrukhkar for stopping the missionary from propagating Christianity. These missionaries try to take advantage of the helplessness of Hindus and convert them. Such alert Hindus are the true strength of Hindu Dharma! – Editor) 

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