Attempt to convert Hindus to Christianity in Prabhadevi, Mumbai

  • Attempt to convert by luring

  • Complaint will be lodged against the centre operators

  • BJP’s Akshata Tendulkar inspects the centre

Lack of unity among Hindus is the only reason behind such conversion of Hindus in a Hindu-majority area. Devout Hindus should try in the constitutional manner to shut this centre. – Editor

Mumbai : It has come to light that Hindus are being converted in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, near daily Saamana’s office. Akshata Tendulkar, BJP President of Mahim Assembly Constituency, has alleged that Christians are conducting sermons to convert Hindus in Kamgarnagar area of Prabhadevi on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She alleged that there has been an attempt to convert Hindus to Christianity by luring Hindus in various ways at an event having Hindu name ‘Jivan Jyoti Prarthana Satsang Kendra’. These incidents are happening in Hindu-majority areas like Dadar. A complaint and letter in this matter has been given to the Police. A complaint will also be filed against Praful Aagre, who is running the centre, under the Anti-Superstition and  Black Magic Act. (This shows that the Christian converts retain their previous Hindu names as it makes it easy for them to convert Hindus by mixing into the Hindu society – Editor).

1. Akshata Tendulkar went straight to the centre after receiving some complaints. Praful Aagre was delivering a sermon there. He was saying, ‘You are true Lord. You know everything. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah’. The word Hallelujah means, ‘praise the Lord’. It’s a Hebrew word. Following this, all the Hindu attendees started chanting ‘Hallelujah’. (It is only because Hindus lack education of Dharma that they utter such words associated with Christianity – Editor).

2. Akshata Tendulkar asked the preacher whether the attendees were Christians or Hindus. He said, ‘They are Hindus. I am also a Hindu’. To which, Tendulkar asked why he conducts such sermons while being a Hindu when there are number of Hindu Deities to speak about. After that Akshata Tendulkar and the women gathered there argued with the preacher.

3. Locals say that an illegal conversion centre is operating at Prabhadevi. Hindus are persuaded by talking negatively about Hindu Deities. This centre is in the inner area and hence goes scot- free. 99% of the people visiting this centre are Hindus. These include more women than men. Cameras are installed in this centre, which is funded by missionaries. The centre is reportedly foreign funded. (This should also be investigated and action should be taken against the financers – Editor). Black magic and hypnosis are also allegedly practiced there.

4. A woman visited this centre with bladder problems. Praful Aagre advised her not go to a doctor but come to the prayer session instead, where Lord would heal her. (Where do the ANiS members hide at such times ? – Editor). The woman however died later.

Source : Sanatan Prabhat

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