Demand for the image of ‘Indian Goddess of Justice’ in Indian Courts instead of ‘Roman Goddess of Justice’

A campaign by officials of ‘The Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa’

  • The symbol of subjugation maintained even after Independence is a shame for all Post-Independence rulers.
  • Congratulations to the ‘Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa officials for taking the initiative to reject the symbol of subjugation ! – Editor

Nagpur, Maharashtra – In the country’s courts, the statue of the goddess of justice with a blindfold, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other, represents justice. Some officials from the ‘Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa’ have launched a campaign demanding that the image of the ‘Indian Goddess of Justice’ replace the ‘Roman Goddess of Justice’ in the courts. As part of this campaign, a conceptual image of the Indian Goddess of Justice was recently presented to H.H. Sarsanghchalak (Dr) Mohanji Bhagwat, of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Chief Justice Chandrachud.

During the British era, the Roman Goddess Justitia statue was placed in the courts as a symbol of justice. The Bar Council has demanded the Indianization of such symbols from the British era by proposing the installation of the Indian Goddess of Justice.

Legal Luminaries should consider the concept of installing the image of the Indian Goddess of Justice – Advocate Parijat Pandey, Former President of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa

Many roads and cities in the country are being renamed according to Indian history. Changes are happening in education and other fields, according to Indian history and culture. So why not adopt the concept of the ‘Indian Goddess of Justice’ instead of the ‘Roman Goddess of Justice’? Legal luminaries should consider this idea.

The face of the Goddess of Justice in the new conceptual Image resembles a lion

The purpose behind this campaign is that ‘the one who dispenses justice should be fearless and bold’. Hence, in the new conceptual image, the face of the Goddess of Justice resembles a lion, with a staff holding a flag in one hand and a wand in the other. The idea is that the one delivering justice should do so with open eyes and fearlessness like a lion. The sceptre symbolizes that ‘the person delivering justice should act following rules and law’.

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