New Delhi : ‘Anti Love Jihad Front’ established to tackle ‘Love Jihad’

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BJP removes ‘Anti Love Jihad Front’s flex poster displayed in front of BJP headquarters at Indraparastha (Delhi) under pressure from its own members !

Indraparastha (New Delhi) : Fanatic Muslims are running a massive conspiracy named ‘Love Jihad’ of converting Hindu girls and marrying them. Innocent Hindu young girls are falling prey to this conspiracy and hence, to counter this seriously, an ‘Anti-Love Jihad Front’ has been established in Indraprastha now. This organisation has displayed flex banners /posters at public places for creating awareness in Hindus so as to stop these fanatic Muslim activities of marrying the Hindu girls by deceit. This is the first time that a voice is being raised against the fanatic Muslims on a National level. (Congratulations to ‘Anti Love Jihad Front’ for establishing an organisation against ‘Love Jihad’ ! O Hindus ! Stand firmly behind this organisation and protect your daughters and sisters from this fanatic Muslims ! – Editor)

Does Muslim appeasing BJP support ‘Love Jihad’ ?

‘Anti-Love Jihad Front’ had also displayed a flex poster in front of the BJP headquarters at Indraparastha but the BJP activists removed it stating that BJP does not have any agenda to fight against ‘Love Jihad’. (By taking such action, BJP has in a way supported ‘Love Jihad’.  When Hindu young women from all over the country are being trapped in the love dragnet of Muslims and converted to Islam subsequently. Hindus, remember that BJP does not want any effort to counter the Muslims from trapping your womenfolk. This is only for appeasing the Muslims and hence, rebuke the BJP members wherever you come across them ! – Editor)

‘Helpline’ for fighting against ‘Love Jihad’ !

This poster mentions that ‘Anti-Love Jihad Front’ has been established for fighting against ‘Love Jihad’. Any information or help on ‘Love Jihad’ will be provided on Mobile 08802487767 and on email [email protected] Besides, it also contains an appeal to the Hindus that they can participate in this movement on Facebook also.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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