Who will save the Hindus?

Bhutan Rich in natural resources!

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in its report of 2006 has raised the question of 3 lakh Hindu refugees of Nepalese linage. Bhutan is a tiny nation with a population of3 lakh. 90% of its Budget comes as a grant from the Government of India! Bhutan is divided geographically into 2 parts. The northern region is mountainous. The people living there are of Tibetan lineage and followers of Buddhist religion. Agriculture is the mainstay of the southern plateau. Here rice, wheat, raggy, potatoes, cardamoms, oranges and apples are grown. Farming and the orchards are the main industries of Bhutan. In this industry for the last hundreds of years Hindu farmers and labourers of Nepalese lineage have been engaged. Even today 30 to 35% of Bhutan’s population is Hindu of Nepalese lineage. Beside this Bhutan is very rich in mineral resources. It has large deposits of minerals like Surkhadi, Sangameshwar, Graphite, Lead, Copper, Mica, and Gypsum. And because of this Bhutan is being coveted by China. Bhutan has a treaty of cooperation with Indian Government for its Foreign policy and Security.

Harrasment of Hindus by imposing the Buddhist religion on Bhutan!

In 1990 the movement for establishment of democracy gained momentum in Nepal. And Bhutan’s absolute Monarchy became fearful of its Hindus of Nepalese lineage. Fearing that these people would also demand a democracy now the reigning King declared Buddhism as the official religion of Bhutan. And ‘the Dopcha’ worn by the Buddhists residents of north Bhutan, was declared as the National costume of Bhutan. Now it has been made compulsory for everyone to wear this costume. At the same time the King under the guise of taking a census declared 3 lakh of these Hindus of Nepalese Lineage as infiltrators and deported them from Bhutan. 2 lakh of these people went to Nepal and 1 lakh came to India. Both these countries did not recognize them as their citizens. These countries accepted them as refugees and kept them enclosed in various refugee camps, putting the onus of looking after there food and welfare on the United Nations. This was 15 years ago but there has been no change in their status. The United Nations High Commission which handles the questions of the refugees has expressed its worry and concern.

The fate of Bhutan’s 3 Lakh Hindu Refugees Uncertain!

Actually in 1998 when the new King ascended the throne in Bhutan, he took many modern measures to establish democracy. He has even passed a new constitution, in which Bhutan’s National legislative has been given the right to dethrone the king by 2/3 majority. In spite of this Nepal has not been able to force the question of refugees on Bhutan as Nepal itself has been troubled by its own internal instability. India’s position is strong but it has not been able to force the question as it is apprehensive about China. Like India, China too has some border issues with Bhutan. If Bhutan calls of its treaty with India China is ready to accept the ‘Macnovan line’ as the border between the two countries. (It should be noted that China does not accept the Macnovan line in other parts of the country) If Bhutan breaks the security treaty with India and joins China, then India’s border security plank becomes weak; as Bhutan is like a security plank between India and China. Hence India is unable to throw its weight on Bhutan.

But what ever may be the reason, the fact is that there is no one to stand up for the 3 lakh Hindu refugees. World wide this is the plight of the Hindus. So now the time has come to leave the attitude of pleading, and take a firm and resolute stand on this issue. If not then the process of Hindus being turned to refugee status will continue all over the world.

The Bad condition of the Kashmiri Pandits!

‘The Human Rights watch’ an international organization evaluated the medical condition of the families who are listed as refugees in their own country. These families are staying in Jammu and Delhi. In this evaluation it was found that in the period 2000-2005 16 infants were born and 549 persons died. These deaths were of persons in the age group of 20 to 25. The reason for the drop in birth rate was examined. It was found that the women’s menstruation cycle had stopped 10 to 15 years earlier than normal. And the reproductive efficiency was at 25%. The Birth rate was dropping due to lack space and privacy. The doctors examining the Kashmiri Pandits opined that the Kashmiri Pandits were physically and psychologically 10 to 15 years older than their natural age. If this condition continues there is a danger of the extinction of the race of Kashmiri Pandits.

Thinking that the Indian Politicians would seriously consider about this situation seriously would be futile positive attitude. Then hypocritical Human rights activists like Teesta Setlwada are never seen to be addressing this issue. Whenever one sees them refer to this report and ask them, ‘what is your stand on this issue?’ and ‘Are you or aren’t you going to speak about this issue?’ in these blunt words we must question them in their public meetings. And if they do not give a clear and frank answer, walk out from the meeting. Unless the hypocritical Human rights activists are exposed, the Hindus will not get to learn of the Truth. How then, will they galvanise into action?

Source: ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’

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