Spirituality and Science – Why is Spirituality classified as a science?


1. Spirituality and Science – Spiritual Science (adhyaatm shastra)

1.1- Spirituality and Science – Introduction

Spiritual Science is an important and indispensable part of a person’s life. The beauty of spiritual science is that, it is useful at any time and any phase of person’s life. This topic is discussed in society through various mediums such as: spiritual lectures, work of spiritual institutions, holy books on this subject, etc. Therefore everybody has heard this word at some point or other in their life. However there are lot of misconceptions about this subject. They don’t understand that like modern science, spiritual science also can prove itself again and again!

Spiritual science is known as subtle science. Subtle means something which is beyond our five senses, mind and intellect. If common man tries to understand this subtle concept via intellect, then it will be more easy for him to understand this subject more clearly.

1.2 Spirituality and Science – What is Spiritual Science (adhyaatm shastra)?

If we ask ourselves ‘what is the most invaluable gift given by the Sanatan Hindu Dharma to the world?’ Then only one thing comes into mind and that is ‘spirituality / (adhyaatm).’ Despite of this the truth, approximately 99% of the people are not aware of the real meaning of ‘spirituality.’

Definition: The word Adhyatma (spirituality) consists of two words adhi and atman. Here ‘adhi’ means, in relation to. Thus Adhyatma means in relation to soul. ‘who am I ?’ , ‘where have I come from?’ , ‘what are the features of Atma?’ . Answers to such questions and information lie in the spiritual science (Adhyaatma ).

1.3 Spirituality and Science – Why is Spirituality classified as a science?

Some people might have a question, why spirituality (Adhyaatm), is classified as a science (shastra)? Any theory which can be proven time and again, is classed as science. Shastra means science. Just as theories in chemistry, physics, and medical science etc can be proven again and again. To cite an example; ‘oxygen supports combustion’. This was proven decades ago and can be still proved today. Similarly, everything that comes under Adhyaatm Shastra (spiritual science), can be proven time and again.

Any science; like chemistry, physics etc.; has two important aspects; one is theory and other is practical. And these have to be clearly understood. Similarly, Spiritual science has theory and practical aspect. Hence, to have a complete understanding of this science; the theory and practical aspect need to be studied in depth.

Practical aspect of spirituality is called sadhana

In spiritual science, putting into practice in day today life, the theoretical aspect is Sadhana. Adhyaatm is the ultimate science.

Adhyaatm can be also described by the word ‘Paramarth’. Paramarth is made of two words: Param + Arth. Meaning, getting enlightned, about the ultimate truth. Adhyaatm (spiritual science), gives real knowledge about Ishwar.

In Adhyatma the efforts undertaken to merge with God or experiencing true happiness is called sadhana.

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