Terrorism must be finished like this…

Shivaji Maharaj slaying temple destroyer Afzal Khan (opposed by Muslims and thus banned by congress government for supressing History and please Muslims)

Who is Shivaji Maharaj?
He was the founder of the Maratha empire in western India in 1674 which was instrumental in the downfall of the Mughal Empire. Shivaji took the oath of swarajya (self rule) at the age of 14. His main aim was to create Hindu Swarajya. (Hindu’s own kingdom)

Who was Afzal Khan?
Afzal Khan was the Muslim General in the Court of Aadilshaha of Vijapur and notorious for severing the Tulja Bhavani idol at Tuljapur near Solapur. After he Severed Tulja Bhavani idol Shivaji took an oath of exterminating Afzal Khan. He was a typical Hindu Hater and gave a free hand to his troops to attack and plunder Hindu Homes in Maharashtra. His troops massacred Hindus and committed undescribable atrocities on Hindu women and Children. His Aim was to somehow bring Shivaji down from the fort and kill him and present his head as a gift in the name of Allah to Aurangzeb! However, Shivaji tore open the guts of Aurangzeb and a handful of Maratha Army routed the huge Mughal Army by the Grace of Goddess Bhavani.

The Incident
Shivaji and Afzal Khan arranged a meeting at a shamiyana at the foothills of the fort Pratapgarh (Fortress of Valor). It was agreed that the two would meet unarmed, but were to bring with them ten personal bodyguards each, who were to remain at a distance of one ‘arrow-shot’ away. Nevertheless, Afzal Khan, as was his reputation for cunning, hid a ‘katyar’ (a small but very sharp dagger) in his coat. Shivaji pre-empted skullduggery on Khan’s part (Khan had got Shivaji’s elder brother poisoned and later conspired to get his father, Shahaji, arrested.) and came prepared. As the two men entered the tent fixed for meeting, the 6-feet-tall overconfident Khan, having little difficulty hiding his swagger, lounged forward pretending of giving an open-armed hug, grabbed the 5’4" Shivaji in his left arm, swiftly drew the hidden dagger and stabbed Shivaji in his back. But as luck would have it, Shivaji was wearing iron gear under his coat and was saved. Thus strikingly made aware of Khan’s real intentions, Shivaji opened his fist and disembowelled the Khan with one swift stroke of his "wagh nakhi". Stunned by this sudden turn of events Khan rushed outside shouting for help. Sambhaji Kavji Kondhalkar, Shivaji’s lieutenant and one of the distant guards, went in pursuit, and decapitated the Khan permanently.
(Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivaji)

Muslims and Afzal Khan
Muslims have developed a tomb of Mugal general Afzal Khan and pray him regularly. They celebrate a festival on his name. When Hindus opposed this glorification and encroachment, Congress government supported muslims and beaten activists and arrested them.
(Ref: Pamphlets by VHP)

Teaching of Hinduism about finishing terrorism

See images below which speaks how Gods have finished terrorism.
1. Shree Ram
2. Shree Krushna

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