Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) Day 7 : Experiences of devout Hindu activists

From left – Munnakumar Sharma (National President, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Delhi), Dr Kashyapa Maharshi (State President, Dharmaveer Adhyatmik Chaitanya Vedika, Telangana),  Prof. (Dr) Ashok Kumar Mishra (President (Asia Chapter), World Astro Federation, Patna, Bihar), Praveen Kumar Mavinakadu (Freelance Writer, Bengaluru, Karnataka) and Advocate (Smt.) Siddh Vidya (Supreme Court, and Bombay High Court)

Funding to non-governmental organisations in the ecosystem of fanatics should be stopped! – Advocate (Smt.) Siddh Vidya, Supreme Court, and Bombay High Court

Advocate (Smt.) Siddh Vidya, Supreme Court, and Bombay High Court

The anti-conversion laws introduced in some states are being called anti-love jihad laws, but they are not. It does not define Love Jihad, it does not contain many things related to Love Jihad. It contains provisions of fines for conversion, but not for any crime under love jihad. Muslims have the most problem with this law, and this is because they convert and do love jihad. One must understand the ecosystem of the fanatics who indulge in love jihad. Their NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), will tell the deceived girls ‘Society will not accept you’ to keep them from leaving their homes. Complaints must be filed against such NGOs to trace their source of funding and that should be blocked. Advocates play an important role in destroying this ecosystem.
Cases are registered against Hindu activists who fight on ground. The people of Noakhali today have completely forgotten the atrocities inflicted on their previous generation. Hindus today need to spread their content widely through social media. Because lawyers know the law, they can write content accordingly.

Success in shutting down online portal for permission to slaughter goats 

The Bombay Municipal Corporation had set up an online portal, where anyone could obtain permission to slaughter goats anywhere (including apartments) just by filling an online form. We objected to this and the court could not understand what was the problem with obtaining permission online. So we used the same portal to obtain permission to slaughter a goat in Justice Oak’s court in the Bombay High Court. That’s when the Court realised the magnitude of the issue and the portal was pulled down on the same day. So advocates also have to think out of the box to get the work done.

Some examples of conversion given by Adv Siddh Vidya

1. A Hindu girl had a Muslim friend with whom she used to share her family problems. When this Hindu girl (who was about 16-17 at the time) was standing at a bus stop, a man saved her from molestation and then tricked her into a trap of love and married her. She was coerced into stealing money and jewellery from her house to help set up the new household. Later she came to know that he is a Muslim. She was even thrashed. Even then she couldn’t get out. Because she was being directed by an NGO (which is a part of the Love Jihad ecosystem) not to file a complaint because she stole from her house, and society will not accept her.

Adv Siddh Vidya further said that in the case of love jihad, the facts of the case should be recorded in the FIR. From day 1, it is not love. For example in this case, the girl was coerced to steal it should be recorded. If the fanatic had concealed his true identity to form physical relations, that should be recorded too. Conviction rates in these cases are low, those should increase.

2. When the Hindus were attacked by the Muslims in Noakhali, they dragged the women out of the house and molested them. Lawyers were dragged out of the house and burned alive. Hindus converted to Islam to save themselves. They reluctantly married their own sisters. Someone would inspect whether they are offering namaz 5 times a day. Three generations have passed and their descendants today are not even aware of what had happened to their ancestors that made them convert.

Communists spread atheism by distorting the history of Hindus! – Dr Kashyapa Maharshi, State President, Dharmaveer Adhyatmik Chaitanya Vedika, Telangana

Dr Kashyapa Maharshi, State President, Dharmaveer Adhyatmik Chaitanya Vedika, Telangana
Dr Kashyapa Maharshi, State President, Dharmaveer Adhyatmik Chaitanya Vedika, Telangana

Communists changed the history of Hindus. By distorting the glorious history of Hindus, they created a state of confusion among Hindus and imposed a concocted history on them. The so-called intellectuals conspired to distort the scriptures of the Hindus and presented a false history to the people. Communists distorted the history of Hindus and spread atheism in society. Atheism is like cancer. The spread of atheism led to the decline of society. Family system and economic system collapsed. The institution of marriage was affected too said Kashyapa Maharshi (State President, Dharmaveer Adhyatmik Chaitanya Vedika). He was addressing the audience on the final day of the Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) here.

He further said,

1. The Hindus of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were alienated from their true history. In Andhra Pradesh, there was a king named Prolaya Vema Reddi. He first used Guerilla warfare against Islam in India in 1320. He introduced the Hindu system of governance in Kerala. He was an uncompromising and unapologetic Hindu. There was not a single Muslim in his army. Pedakomati Vema Reddy, propagated Advaita Siddhanta through poems easily understood by the common people. However, communists wrote poems and attributed them to Pedakomati Vema to portray him as an atheist.

2. Dharmaveer Adhyatmika Chaitanya Vedika is working with the aim of fighting against atheism, imparting knowledge of Dharma, and preserving culture among people. Under the leadership of Vijay Tapaswi Dharmaveer, the work of Dharma Rakshan is going on. On behalf of this organization, the work of proving religious heroes and imparting religious education through them is going on. Exposing conspiracies of distortion of history and religion, fighting against anti-Hindu films, creating awareness among parents to impart Dharma education to children. preventing conversion of tribal people by awakening them to their original culture, keeping away the conversion mafia by hoisting saffron flag on the houses of Hindus, pressuring the government to remove illegal mosques and churches are some of the other activities of Dharmaveer Adhyatmik Chaitanya Vedika.

The government should be pressured to make laws for the benefit of Hindus! – Munnakumar Sharma, National President, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Delhi

Munnakumar Sharma, National President, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Delhi

Today it is necessary to Hinduise politics to protect our culture, borders, and Hindus. Politics is not just about getting elected. Current politics has become selfish and nepotistic. Rulers have an obligation to protect the borders of countries. Cow slaughter has not stopped yet. Temples are being demolished. Dwindling number of Hindus, Love Jihad, these are all problems. The Places of Worship act enacted by the Narasimha Rao government is to be repealed and the 3 lakh temples demolished or usurped by Muslims are to be rebuilt. The government should be pressured to make laws about all these. Now efforts are going on to institute a Hindu Rashtra Samiti through this Mahotsav. I fully support that. The Adhiveshan which used to be at the national level has now been held at the global level. This will certainly create an Akhand Hindu Rashtra asserted Munnakumar Sharma (National President, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha). He was speaking on Hinduising Politics in the Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024).

Sharma further said that Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha activists participated in the freedom struggle but never tried to exercise political authority. The result was that the country fell into the hands of the Congress. After that Congress started Islamization of India. Chief Ministers, Governors, and the Education Minister were all Muslims. Swatantryaveer Savarkar had asserted – Hinduise politics and militarise Hindus. He appealed to people to join the English army. He was criticised, but he said, ‘Don’t we need soldiers to protect the borders to preserve freedom?’ That was his foresight.

Thousands of acres of temple land encroached! – Anup Jaiswal, Secretary, Devasthan Seva Samiti, Vidarbha, Maharashtra

Anup Jaiswal, Secretary, Devasthan Seva Samiti, Vidarbha, Maharashtra

There are many cases pending in courts regarding eviction of encroachments on temple land. Devasthan Seva Samiti Vidarbha was formed to help these temples reclaim their land. Till date 1 thousand 500 acres of land has been successfully returned to temples by the Samiti. Due to some selfish people there is continuous encroachment on the land of temples. Therefore, the temple trustees need to be vigilant, and if the big temples help the small temples, we can easily take the lead towards the establishment of Hindu Rashtra, asserted Anup Jaiswal (Secretary, Devasthan Seva Samiti, Vidarbha and State Core Committee Member of Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh).

He further said, “Kings, Maharajas and rich people had donated land to the temples to help provide for the maintenance of the temples. That land has been encroached on a large scale. The lands of the temples were given on lease. When Indira Gandhi introduced the Land Ceiling Act, there was propaganda that rent must not be paid for temple lands. Since then the rent of those lands stopped coming into the temple. Now thousands of acres of temple land has been illegally transferred to tenants. Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh has been established to solve various such problems of temples. 2 state level and 10 district level conventions were held by the Mahasangh. These conventions received a good response from the temple trustees. The convention at Amravati had more than 650 temple trustees in attendance.”

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