Success of HJS : ‘Shiva Analytical (India) Ltd.’ to stop distortion of India’s map

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Mumbai :
A company named ‘Shiva Analytical (India) Ltd.’ from Bengaluru had printed a calander in which on its July month’s page, India’s map has been distorted by omitting portion of Kashmir. On hearing this, Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, Mumbai District Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) called Mr. Sharad Kapadia from the Company’s Mumbai office and brought the mistake to his notice as also sent e-mail. Mr. Kapadia has expressed regret and rendered apology. He also promised to point out the mistake to his main office at Bengaluru for taking necessary action.

When Mr. Kapadia informed his main office about the protest letter sent by HJS and mistake of printing distorted map of India, Mr. Balasubramanian from main office apologised to HJS and also instructed his officers to withdraw the distributed calenders and destroy the withdrawn calendars and the calendars in stock.

Here is the chronology of the events that led to success

Protest letter by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Mr. Sharad Kapadia
Shiva Analytical, Mumbai

Subject : Request to stop the Distortion of Indian map by Shiva Analytical (India) Ltd on calender page of July 2013
Dear Sirs,
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is an NGO engaged Nation building, educating people on Dharma (Righteousness) and Dharmacharan (Abiding by Righteousness),awakening and uniting Indians peacefully and through lawful means. For details, please visit our website

We came across the Distortion of Indian map by Shiva Analytical(India)Ltd. on the calender page of July 2013, enclosed copy of the same. There are lot of complaints received by us about this serious matter. The Map of India displayed on the calender by Shiva Analytical(India)Ltd does not show proper demarcation of Kashmir, but deletion of part of Kashmir. This is not in accordance with the Official Map of India by the Government of India. You have by this act distorted the Indian map and presented an incorrect map.

In the process it leads to hurting the National sentiments of India and committing a National offense. It is indeed surprising for such an blunder to occur on the part of Shiva Analytical(India)Ltd.

We request you to a immediately withdraw/cancel the July 2013 calender page and tender an apology for hurting National sentiments through this incorrect display of Indian map.

We request you to acknowledge the letter and inform us the action taken in the matter at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Shivaji Vatkar,
Coordinator, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti  

Apology by the Mumbai office of ‘Shiva Analytical’

From : S Kapadia, Mumbai

Dear Sir,

Attn: Mr. S G Vatkar,

Sub : Apology

Sincere apology, for the inadvertent distortion of the Map of India in the DESK Calender of Shiva Analyticals – July’13.

This is being brought to the notice of Head office of Shiva Analyticals at Hoskote Bangalore from where the Calender has been issued.

We are indebted to get the FEED BACK, and there are NO INTENTIONS to hurt the national spirit.

Sharad Kapadia

Response by HJS to apology by Mumbai office

From: SG Vatkar
To: S Kapadia
Cc: KRN Swamy; ShivaAnalyticals Nagaraj; SudeshKumar_ShivaB’luru; Balasubramanian BalaMIM_India; KBSS sitaramShivaAnalyticals

Subject: Re : Request to stop the Distortion of Indian map by Shiva Analytical(India)Ltd on calender page of July 2013

Shri.S Kapadia,

I thank and appreciate for your quick response.Further I request all of you to take this issue seriously. A similar mistake was done by B & R Automation by showing their service centers on distorted Indian map in the Brochure.We had opened Akhand Bhrat Campaign against this foreign Co.based in Pune. They had to destroy all brochures  However meantime some Proud Indians had police complains  Due to this serious crime  M.D.of B & R Automation was arrested and case was filed against him.

Hence I am requesting you to take some immediate action to stop distortion and denigration of our Motherland Akhand Bharat.


Apology by Main office of ‘Shiva Analytical’

From: Balasubramanian
Subject: RE: Request to stop the Distortion of Indian map by Shiva Analytical(India)Ltd on calender page of July 2013
To: SG Vatkar ; S Kapadia
Cc: KRN Swamy ; ShivaAnalyticals Nagaraj ; SudeshKumar_ShivaB’luru ; KBSS sitaramShivaAnalyticals

Dear Sitaram

Below mail is self explanatory and we should be sorry about the unintentional error that has crept in our calendar. Please arrange to withdraw calendars distributed already to the maximum extent possible. Please arrange to destroy the withdrawn calendars as well as the calendars in stock at our lab immediately.

Mr. Vatkar
Thank you very much for the timely alert. We are sorry for the unintentional error in depiction of the map of India. This is the problem of outsourcing the thinking process. We assure you that we will exercise maximum precaution hence forth on such matters of national importance. We assure you that we identify with you in your national spirit.

Mr. Kapadia

Thanks for your prompt response to Mr Vatkar.

Thanks and Regards
Mr. Balasubramanian

Response by HJS on email by Mr. Balasubramanian 

Dear Shri.Kapadia,

We thank you for your apology letter and promise to destroy all desk calenders having Indian Map distortion. Further please note that if any such calender is seen by proud Indian the appropriate legal action will be taken. Hence you are requested to remove/destroy such calenders at the earliest. I once again appreciate and thank your quick action and National spirit.

Shivaji Vatkar, HJS

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