‘Warkari Sant Sammelan’ organized by HJS at Pandharpur

Warkaris to stage ‘Bhajani Andolan’ at Pandharpur on 8 July : It is shameful for the Govt. that Warkaris have to stage agitations for what should have been done by the Government !  

Warkaris attending ‘Warkari Sant Sammelan’ and ‘Hindutvavadis’

Dissolve ‘Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir Samiti’ appointed by the Government ! – H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal

Pandharpur : All Sects and ‘Hindutvavadis’ should forget all kinds of differences among each other and work with unity. All religious customs and traditions should be followed without any kind of compromises. If it is not happening, ‘Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir Samiti’ appointed by the Government should be dissolved. The above demand was made by Maharashtra Rajya Warkari Mahamandal’s President H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal during ‘Warkari Sant Sammelan (Sammelan)’ organized on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) at Swatantryaveer Savarkar library. It was attended by office bearers of Warkari Sampradaya and ‘Hindutvavadis’.

We are proud that we got associated with Sanatan due to Dr. Virendrasingh Tawade ! – H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal     

Dr. Virendrasingh Tawade has been implicated with false accusations made against him. Dr. Tawade has very sincerely and patiently worked for Hindu unification. It is very sad that only at the insistence of progressive factions, Dr. Tawade, who worked so hard for protection of Hindu Dharma, has to undergo imprisonment. Dr. Tawade was instrumental in our getting associated with Sanatan and we are very proud of the same. I pray to God for early release of Dr. Tawade and for the world to know his innocence. He is badly needed today for protection of ‘Hindutva’ and we miss him so much. H.B.P. Javanjal Maharaj was overwhelmed when he talked about Dr. Tawade.

H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal said further,

“Many political leaders visited Pandharpur on the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi. Warkaris had made a demand with MLA Sadabhau Khot and other members of cabinet for dissolving ‘Mandir Samiti’. They had promised to discuss the matter related to dissolving of ‘Mandir Samiti’ with Chief Minister Fadanvis and convey the decision by 6th July but the promise has not been kept. On 8th July, therefore, Warkaris are going to stage ‘Bhajani Andolan’ at ‘Mahadwar’ between 3.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. The Government is indifferent towards management of Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir; therefore, Warkari Sampradaya would not accept any felicitation, as mark of protest, from the Government till the Mandir Samiti was not dissolved.”

Shri. Rajan Bunage, District Coordinator of HJS for Pandharpur made introductory speech and other dignitaries presented following views during this ‘sammelan’.

Mandir Samiti should promote ‘Hindutva’ ! – H.B.P. Rameshwar Maharaj Shastri, founder-President, ‘Warkari Prabodhan Samiti’  

‘Palakhi Sohala’ belongs to all Hindus. It is therefore, unfortunate that ‘Hindutvavadis’ were not allowed to participate in this ‘sohala’ and it is necessary to know what exactly is the stand taken by ‘Palakhi sohala’ chiefs. It is quite sad that ‘Hindutvavadis’ were arrested under false accusations. ‘Mandir Samiti’ should be set up to promote ‘Hindutva’. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj should be in our thoughts and actions.

Those, who have no knowledge of ‘Hari-paath’, are appointed on ‘Mandir Samiti’ ! – Bhagavatacharya V. N. Utpat

Persons appointed on ‘Mandir Samiti’ have no knowledge of ‘Hari-paath’. We never thought that the Government would select such persons. It was regrettable that ‘Hindutvavadis’ were barred from participating in ‘Palakhi sohala’. Chiefs of ‘Palakhi Sohala’ should be asked about their views on participation by various pro-Hindu organizations.

Help will be extended for legal fights against attacks on Hindu Dharma ! – Adv. Nilesh Sangolkar, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad

‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada (HVP)’ has been fighting in lawful manner against attacks on nation and Dharma. HVP has filed a petition against Government’s taking over management of temples. All necessary legal aid will be extended by HVP for filing cases against attacks on Dharma.

Devasthan Samiti should be able to increase ‘chaitanya’ in temples ! – Shri. Manoj Khadye, HJS  

Management committees of all temples taken over by the Government should not be an arena for politicians but they should be able to increase ‘chaitanya’ in temples. All Hindus should have raised voice against ‘governmentalization’ of temples. An article written by Ravindra Tahakik, executive Editor of ‘Lok-patra’ under the title of ‘Tukobansathich kothun, kase ani ka aale Vaikunthache vimaan’; disgraceful write-ups on Hindus’ religious pilgrimages and Warkaris’ ‘wari’ need to be opposed in lawful manner.

Demand to impose ban on sale of liquor and meat at SriKshetra Pandharpur

Presently, there are many ‘Beer bars’ and shops selling meat at SriKshetra Pandharpur and it is a ploy to destroy sanctity of the place of pilgrimage. It is hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. Moreover, it is leading to local residents becoming addicted; therefore, the Government should impose total ban on manufacture, storage, sale and transport of liquor and meat at SriKshetra Pandharpur so that sanctity of Pandharpur was maintained.

Participating dignitaries

H.B.P. Narhari Maharaj Chaudhari; H.B.P. Ramchandra Maharaj Penore; H.B.P. Anil Maharaj Badave, H.B.P. Maruti Maharaj Tuntune; H.B.P. Shubham Maharaj Vakte; H.B.P. Mansingh Maharaj Rajput,  H.B.P. Bapu Maharaj Raokar; H.B.P. Krushna Maharaj Ahire; H.B.P. Nitin Maharaj Kadam; H.B.P. Govind Maharaj Kangule; H.B.P. Asaram Maharaj Batule; H.B.P. Yogesh Maharaj Kadam

Resolutions passed in ‘Warkari Sant Sammelan’

1. There should be total ban on meat and liquor at pilgrimage places like Pandharpur, Dehu, Alandi and Paithan.

2. Warkari Bhavan should be constructed in all major cities on the route of ‘wari’ in Maharashtra, offering lodging and boarding for Warkaris on regular basis.

3. Maharashtra Government should pass a separate law for taking stringent action against persons writing disgraceful things about Saints, Saints’-traditions, Saint-literature, places of pilgrimage, pilgrimages taken out and traditions followed by Warkaris.

4. Stringent action should be taken against officers of ‘Mandir Samiti’ involved in malpractices during the period of demonetization.

5. Action should be taken against officers responsible for death of cows from ‘Gou-shala’ managed by Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir Samiti.

6. Temples and Devasthans taken over by the Government in Maharashtra should be freed from Government’s control and their management should be handed over to devotees.

Sanatan Sanstha and HJS created awareness amongst people towards ill effects of Govt. taking over management of temples ! – H. B. P. Baburao Wagh Maharaj

H.B.P. Baburao Wagh Maharaj said, “Sanatan Sanstha and HJS created awareness amongst people through ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ about ill effects of Government taking over management of temples. It shows their foresight. Today, the daily rituals have been stopped in Vitthal-Rukmini temple. The same ‘naivedya’ is offered to Shri Vitthal and Rukmini. The attire, recitation of mantras, trust etc are not proper.”

March will be taken out to ‘Vidhan Bhavan’ if Samiti is not dissolved ! – Santaveer H.B.P. Bandatatya Karadkar

Pandharpur : If newly appointed Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir Samiti is not dissolved, we shall take out march to Vidhan Bhavan, warned ‘Santaveer’ H.B.P. Bandatatya Karadkar while addressing a meeting held here on 6th July for the demand of dissolving ‘Mandir Samiti’. Chiefs of renowned ‘Palakhi-sohala’, Presidents of various Warkari organizations and many Dharmacharyas from Warkari Sect attended the meeting. Future course of action was planned in the meeting; including staging of agitations in 3 steps if Mandir Samiti was not immediately dissolved.

1. Chief Minister made announcement on the eve of ‘Ashadhi wari’, in the presence of BJP leader Atul Bhosale about forming Mandir Samiti. There are more politicians in this Samiti, who are in no way connected to Warkari Sampradaya. The Government appointed persons indulging in drinking and eating things which are taboo and thus insulted Warkari Sampradaya. (Adverse effects of ‘governmentalization’ of temples ! Why can’t the Govt. realize such things when Warkaris can do so ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat). The Mandir Samiti as announced by the Chief Minister is not acceptable to Warkari Sampradaya.

2. The first demonstrations will be staged on 8th July in front of Shri Vitthal Mandir- ‘Saint Namdeo Payari’ to protest against Government’s decision. The second demonstrations will be staged in Shravan month’s Ekadashi. In case the Government didn’t take note of both these demonstrations, a huge march will be taken out to Vidhan Bhavan.

3. Posts lying vacant in the present committee as reserved seats, as directed by the Court, should be selected from Warkari Sampradaya since there are members eligible for these posts amongst Warkaris.


Bhagavatacharya V. N.Utpat made available Swatantryaveer Savarkar library for the ‘Sammelan’ without charging anything. Shri. Shriram Gantule, the owner of Shriram Hotels provided snacks to the participants for free.

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