Anushka Sharma’s Paatal Lok slammed for allegedly promoting Hinduphobia

Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma’s produced web series Paatal Lok recently premiered on Amazon Prime. This series is under the scanner for allegedly promoting Hinduphobic ideology. Netizens have slammed Anushka Sharma and the series for showing anti-Hindu culture and glorifying beef-eating in few scenes. People called out the narrative of the show and trended #BanPaatalLok #PaatalLok on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote, “Making of such Hindu hating series should not be further entertained. Let’s make a trend to #banpaatallok..Hindus are brainwashed n are going against thr own ppl. Let’s tweet with a tag to ban. Is there away to complain ,as it is hurting Hindu sentiments?”

Another tweeted, “o basically #patalok is a well-staged anti-hindu,anti-brahmin,anti-RW drama. Which doesn’t look like a propaganda to you but is a very strong one. From web series like Leila to Patal Lok,there’s a constant effort to make people hinduphobic.”

The ‘Paatal Lok web series’ centers on how an inspector is assigned a charge to solve a murder conspiracy and his struggle to reveal the truth before the nation. There are many instances where one couldn’t help but look at the exemplary efforts made by the creative team to debunk the Hindu community.

IAS aspirant victim of religious biases

IAS aspirant – Imran Ansari

In the entire series, most of the characters have showcased grey shades to their personalities except one Muslim policeman who’s an IAS aspirant and is consistently remarked for his religious beliefs. He has also been shown as a silent witness and a victim of the religious biases made by his seniors and colleagues.

Muslim man attacked down by a Hindu mob

A train incident, where a Muslim man is stabbed down by a Hindu mob because of mere suspicion of him consuming beef. A man has been shown very lowly and sheepish but guess who’s proved intolerant, a Hindu fellow co-passenger who’s uncomfortable with the aroma of beef being self-served.

One of the accused fearful of accepting his religious identity

Accused – Kabir M

A young Muslim lad, being one of the accused, is exceptionally fearful of accepting his religious identity and doesn’t open about undergoing circumcision. However, he keeps a medical certificate to dodge any questions relating to his belonging to a particular community.

Sadhus consuming meat

Lastly, a few sadhus have been shown consuming meat and how the Dalits are still considered to be despicable and slashed, how a Hindu leader is two-faced, and doesn’t promote equality through his cognitive actions.

These few instances from the ‘Paatal Lok web series’ are just the highlights of how one can instantly mock Hindu religious beliefs and getaway. On the contrary, how Muslims of the country go through their daily grapple and still keep a healthy and welcoming mindset.

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