Religious Conversion

Religious conversion is one of the issue that haunts the very existence of Hindu Dharma. It is reported that laksha of Hindus get converted to other religions for various reasons as Hindus lack pride of their own Dharma

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History of Conversions


Main cause of religious conversions in Bharat during past centuries

Global Conspiracy

Global_conspiracy_320Foreign aid received for religious conversions

Tactics Of Christians

christian_conversionNationwide preparedness of Christians for converting Hindus

Tactics Of Muslims


Various tactics adapted to convert Hindus to Islam



Refute the threat of religious conversions intellectually

Dharma Education

Dharmashikshan_640Understand the significance of the Hindu Dharma

Legal Help


Lawful (Constitutional) means, prevent non-Hindus from converting Hindus !

Reconversion to Hinduism

Shudhhikaran_640Know what do our scriptures say about shuddhikaran

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