Lord Parshuram

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अग्रत: चतुरो वेदा: पृष्‍ठत: सशरं धनु: ।
इदं ब्राह्मं इदं क्षात्रं शापादपि शरादपि ।।

Meaning: Parshuram who is well-versed with the four Vedas and sports the bow and arrow upon His back (that is the one who has the radiance of both the Brahman and the Kshatriya) will destroy evildoers either with a curse or with an arrow.

When fighting, mere use of weapons is insufficient for a seeker. He should have the potential to curse in conjunction with the former. Shri Parshuram single-handedly eliminated the warriors from the earth, circumambulating it twenty-one times. What exactly does this mean? He destroyed the evil Kshatriyas. If He were to destroy all the Kshatriyas on the earth thoroughly even once then not a single Kshatriya would have survived for the second round! However He slew only the evil Kshatriyas. Let us all attempt to destroy the evildoers atleast once.



Bhagwan Parshuram, the sixth Incarnation of Vishnu, belongs to the Tretayug, and is the son of Jamadagni and Renuka. Parshu means axe, hence His name literally means Ram-with-the-axe. He received an axe after undertaking a terrible penance to please Lord Shiva, from whom He learned the methods of warfare and other skills. Even though He was born as a Brahmin, He had Kshatriya (warrior) traits in terms of aggression, warfare and valour. Hence He is said to be a 'Brahma-Kshatriya' and one who possesses Brahmatej and Kshatratej.

He killed the entire army and King Kartavirya Sahasrarjuna, who took away the magical cow (Kamadhenu) forcibly, that belonged to His father Jamadagni. In revenge the King's sons killed Jamadagni in Parshuram's absence. Furious at their unrighteous act, He killed all sons of the King and also went on killing all corrupt Haihaya Kings and warriors on the earth 21 times.

He then conducted the Ashvamedha sacrifice, done only by sovereign Kings and gave the entire land He owned to priests who performed the sacrifice (Yadnya).

He is a Chiranjeevi (Immortal) who fought the advancing ocean back, thus saving the lands of Konkan and Malabar (Maharashtra - Karnataka - Kerala coastline). The coastal area of Kerala state along with the Konkan region, i.e., coastal Maharashtra and Karnataka, is known as ParshuramKshetra (area).

He has been a Guru to Bhishma, Dronacharya and later also to Karna. He taught Karna the extremely powerful Brahmastra (a celestial weapon). But He also cursed that the knowledge would be useless to Karna, predicting much in advance that Karna will join the unrighteous Duryodhana in the Kurukshetra war. Such was His love for Righteousness.

Also, the Sudarshan chakra (or Sudarshan Vidya) is said to be given by Parshuram to Lord Krushna. The purpose of the sixth Incarnation of Vishnu is considered by religious scholars to be to relieve the earth's burden by exterminating the sinful, destructive and irreligious kings that pillaged its resources, and neglected their duties.

Parshuram is a martial Shraman ascetic. However, unlike all other Incarnations, Parshuram lives on earth even today. The Kalki Purana states Parshuram will be the martial guru of Sri Kalki, the 10th and final Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is He who instructs Kalki to perform a long penance unto Shiva to receive celestial weaponry.

He created a temple of worship right after He resurfaced Kerala from the sea. He placed statues of various Deities in 108 different places and introduced martial arts to protect the temple from the evil.

We pay our obeisance to this Incarnation of Lord Vishnu who reinstated Dharma in Tretayug and Dwaparyug.

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Comments (20)

04 May 2014, 14:58
Good Day,
Kindly write with clear to understand simply., Its very good effort to get our Indian People, Culture together in fact INDEED.
Bharat Pandit, India (Bharat)
30 Oct 2012, 17:16
Bhagwan Parshuram is great men.
vipin tyagi, India (Bharat)
25 Apr 2012, 21:17
hindi book of the bhagwan parsuram
Rajani, India (Bharat)
24 Apr 2012, 12:13
Please also include information in your website about the martial arts that Parashurama taught to the inhabitants of Kerala, Kalari Payattu, which is called the mother of all martial arts in the whole world. Kalari Payattu was banned by the British and laws were made to prevent people in Kerala from possessing any type of weapons. However, Kalari masters trained students in secrecy during the British rule and kept this knowledge alive. Today it is being revived but it has lost its popularity and Karate has taken its place. This ancient art of warfare must be revived as it is a complete science and art of warfare and it is our heritage that we must be proud of.
K Kalyanaram, India (Bharat)
24 Oct 2011, 20:10
You may be pleased to note that I did find out the final resting place of Chiranjeevi Parasurama. It's in Tamil Nadu, at the fag-end and foothills of the ancient Mahendragiri, which is known as Sirumalai. He lies about 24 feet below ground, performing tapas till the end of this Kaliyuga!!!
Satyen, Canada
07 May 2011, 16:48
Ome day Renuka jee (mother or Parashuram jee and wife of Jamdagni jee) went to a near by river to take water and happened to see the Gandharvas ( Celestial musicians/bards/singers) with their wives who were sporting amorously in the river water. Renuka jee stared this scene and she mentally defiled herself by desiring to be part of the sport with the Gandharvas. In the Treta Yuga, she was considered to have committed a serious sin and must be deserted by her husband. Her consort, Jamdagni jee came to know the truth but didn't want to desert her. Only way she could have atoned for her sin was to leave her mortal body to purify herself. So he was left with only option to kill her and revive because she won't be considered the same person after her revival.

To accomplish this act, he ordered his aons but none of them executed the act, considering it cruelty as they didn't know the reason behind it. However, Parashuram jee who was aware of his father's capabilities, obeyed his father and killed his mother. Pleased by his obedience, he was asked by his father for a boon. Without wastinging any time, Parashuram jee requested his mother's revival and the loss of her unpleasant memories. Needless to say, he was granted both of the boons and the happiness of the family returned as if nothing had happened.


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