Halal Certification – The Economic Jihad route to Islamization of India

Muslims have started exercising this right by demanding that every product that they use is compliant with the tenets of Islam i.e. Halal. This has led to the ubiquitous need for the products to be ‘Halal Certified’. So now, the Islamic Economic system (Halalonomics) has crept into our Secular system. Now the Halal certification is no longer limited to meats, but touches every sphere of our daily lives – from meats to packages foods, from housing projects to hospitals, from medicines to beauty products; even malls are not exempt ! So it is imperative that we give serious thought to the long term (negative and devastating) effects that this system will have on the tradesmen as well as the nation at large. This article will serve as a primer to this thought process and inspire you to act now to secure the future of India !

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