Signature Campaign : Need for the Union Govt. to pass a law against ‘Love Jihad’ to avoid repetition of cases alike killing of ‘Nikita Tomar’ !

On 28th October 2020, a 21-year-old young woman named Nikita Tomar was shot down in broad daylight by a fanatic named Tausif at Vallabhgad, Faridabad (Haryana). This murder has created a furore throughout the country and once again, people have started expressing their strong rage. Tausif and Rehan have been arrested in connection with this murder. Shri. Moolchand Tomar, the father of the deceased girl said, “Tausif was pressurising Nikita to convert to Islam and for marrying him. In the year 2018, he had even kidnapped her.” The statement of Nikita’s father is like an eye-opener for the Hindus and Police Department. It clearly shows that it was not just a matter of murder but it was related to the ‘jihadi’ concept of ‘love jihad’ which has again started debates on the issue of ‘love jihad’ in this country. We wish to draw your kind attention to the following points in this context….

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1.Our national-level shooter Tara Sahadev, who is a Hindu, was deceived by a fanatic named Raqibul when he posed as a Hindu man and married her. He also forced her to convert and adopt Islam. This case was discussed at national level and the scary facts of ‘love jihad’ were exposed.

2. The verdict passed by Kerala High Court (6.11.2009) in the case of ‘Shahan Shah Vs Kerala Government’ explains the frightening position of ‘love jihad’ in that State while making a mention of the involvement of many jihadi organizations like ‘Popular Front of India’, ‘Shahin Front’, Campus Front etc. in it.

3. About 3000-4000 young women were forcibly converted to Islam during 2006 to 2009. It was also mentioned in the verdict that funding was received from gulf countries for such activities. This issue has no longer been limited to Kerala State but it is spreading even in States like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

4. The State Home Department of Maharashtra has registered 22 cases of ‘love jihad’ during the 4 years from 2008 to 2011 according to the information obtained under ‘Right to Information (RTI)’ Act. It is difficult to bring forth such cases and the percentage of lodging complaints with police is even less in such cases even if brought forth. Though a complaint, if lodged with police, their registering it as a case of ‘love jihad’ is even more remote. Still 22 complaints were lodged, so one can easily draw inference about how many cases must actually be happening.

5. In the year 2010, a report was submitted by an inquiry committee set up by Maharashtra Government under the retired Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari for prevention of women’s persecution; wherein it was recommended to the State Home Department that as it has been done in States like Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Government should pass a law to stop forceful conversions of Hindu girls taking place through ‘love jihad’.

6. It has been observed that fanatics are setting traps at places like coaching classes, schools and colleges, mobile charging centres, beauty parlours or spa centres etc to draw girls in their net. There is an increase in cases of persecution of women and exploitation through ‘love jihad’ is also a major part of the same. Various news channels have tried to conduct ‘sting operations’ for exposing conspiracy hatched by fanatic young men.

7. These ‘sting operations’ put light upon the alarming facts such as Fanatic youth is encouraged to join ‘love jihad’ through madarasas and mosques; they are provided two-wheelers, costly phones, good clothes and even money to spend on girls etc.

We demand that the following measures should be taken to stop the conspiracy of ‘love jihad’….

1.A law banning conversion of religion should be passed to prevent cases of ‘love jihad’ and it should be stringently implemented. There should a provision of filing non-bailable offence against the concerned on the basis of complaint lodged by the non-Muslim young woman or her relatives. The punishment for this offence should also be so severe that it would deter others from committing similar offences.  There should also be a provision in this law to take legal action against advertisements, films, plays, books, articles, speeches giving encouragement to ‘love jihad’ under the sweet name of social harmony.

2. A special police division should be set up at Central and State level for handling or investigating cases of love jihad and such offences should be registered under case of ‘love jihad’.

3. Every inter-religion marriage should be  registered only in the Court.

4. The Union Government should conduct inquiry into the funds provided by other countries for ‘love jihad’, trafficking of young women and their use for carrying out terrorist activities and severe measures should be taken by the Government for foiling this conspiracy.

5.Special attention should be paid to the madrasas and mosques for encouraging such kind of conversion and such madrasas or mosques, if found involved, should be immediately closed down.

6. There should be a provision of getting quick divorce if the non-Muslim aggrieved young girl/ woman wished so, in case she is married in such case. There should also be a provision that such divorced woman should get half of the property of the Fanatic accused and his relatives.