Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

For Hindu awakening and combating attacks on Hindu Dharma









1. Purpose of Dharma Jagruti Sabha

2. Forthcoming Dharma Jagruti Sabha

3. How can I contribute

4. Dharma Jagruti Sabha Report

5. Videos of Dharma Jagruti Sabha

 What is the purpose of Dharma Jagruti Sabhas?

  1. To create mass awareness among Hindus about various problems affecting Hindu Dharma.
  2. To create a platform for uniting Hindus and various Hindu organisations.
  3. To put pressure on the Government to look into various problems faced by Hindus.

 Join hands for a successful Hinduism Meet !

FHA and HJS are inviting participation in the organising of the Meet

  • Come to the meet with friends and family, learn about Hinduism.
  • Invite your neighbours and acquaintances for the Hinduism Meet.
  • Help in printing invitations, posters and flyers for the Meet or finding sponsors for them.
  • Put up the Hinduism Meet invitation on local associations’ and temples’ bulletin boards.
  • Contribute your time and other resources towards the Hinduism Meet.
  • Experience divine grace by offering body, mind and wealth for the cause of Dharma!

Read details about Forum for Hindu awakening Click here


Shri.Narendra modi

 Shri. Narendra Modi ji supports HJS Dharmajagruti Sabha at Gujarat

Mumbai: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri. Narendra Modi gave full support to Hindu Janajagruti Sabha organized by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS). This Sabha was be conducted in Gujrat on 16 Nov 2008. Read more


How can you contribute?

  • Canvassing: Inform and invite your friends, relatives about Dharma Jagruti Sabha.
  • Physical: Help in arranging Dharma Jagruti Sabha.
    (Contact Email: [email protected])
  • Prarthana (Prayers) : Well wishes and prayers are important to make this event successful.
  • Help by making a donation for Dharma Jagruti Sabha.
    (Rough cost estimate for each Sabha – Rs. 2.5 to 3 Lac)


Report of Dharma Jagruti Sabhas

Following is the report of Dharma Jagruti Sabha held at various places in India and abroad. (This section is still under updation.)

Total no. of Dharmasabhas so far organised =910*
Total no. of visitors =1019917
Language Wise:
Gujarati=8, Hindi=30, Kannada=157, Malayalam=9, Marathi=688, Tamil=2, Telugu=16,



Videos of Sabha

Mumbai Dharma Jagruti Sabha

Video Commentry is in Marathi. HJS has arranged Dharmajagruti Sabha at Mumbai on 20 April 07. About 3000 devout Hindus attended the Sabha to protest anti-Hindu bills.

Pune Dharma Jagruti Sabha

Video Commentry is in Marathi. HJS has arranged Dharmajagruti Sabha at Pune on 9 June 07. About 3500 devout Hindus participated in the HJS Pune.

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