Save Temples

Temples in Danger

Temples are the foundation stones of Hindu Dharma. They play an extraordinary role in protection, preservation and nurturing of Hindu culture. Today Govt is taking over Hindu temples and on the other hand anti-Hindus and fanatics are attacking temples in broad daylight. This is like snatching the psychological, spiritual and emergency support of the Hindus. This is no less an attack on the Hindu culture.


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Pandharpur Vitthal Mandir Muti-Crore Scam

Pandharpur Vitthal Mandir Muti-Crore Scam

‘Shri Vitthal Rukmini Temple Committee’ looking after the management of Shri Vitthal Rukmini Temple at Pandharpur should be immediately dissolved and criminal cases should be filed against corrupt persons responsible for it.

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The Kerala Communists’ plan to loot the Hindus’ Temples !

In Jan 2007 the Communist Government of Kerala announced an ordinance with 33 suggested amendments to amend the Travancore – Cochin Hindu Religious Institutions Act 1950. On Feb 4th 2007 the Governor R.L.Bhatia signed the Ordinance and in a stroke made the Devaswom boards a cashbox for the bankrupt Communist government to loot at will.

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Protect the treasure of Sri Padmanabhswamy Temple from anti-Hindus

A treasure of Rs. 1 lakh crore was found inside the vaults of Sri Padmanabhswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala after these vaults were opened to take inventory of the items in the treasure as per the directive of Hon. Supreme Court. Kerala High Court had directed Kerala Government to take inventory of the items in the treasure.

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Temples Takeover Act

The Congress united front government running the Maharashtra State, has made it bankrupt and is now planning to take over 4,50,000 temples and all religious institutions in the State. As per the recommendations of ’15th Law Commission’ formed under the chairmanship of Shri. D. N. Chaudhury, the State Government is planning to pass a law to this effect.

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Siddhivinayak Trust Scam

All Siddhivinayak devotees should remember that Maharashtra Govt. took over the Siddhivinayak trust in 1981. Maharashtra Govt. appoints custodians and trustees for the temple to manage its activities. Donations made by devotees in Millions rest in the hands of these appointed trustees. The Donations from the devotees are being misused as per the whims and fancies of the trustees and Government.

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Unite to liberate Bhojshala (Saraswati Temple) to regain Hindu Rights !

Bhojshala’ is an ancient and the only temple of Mata Saraswati, built by Raja Bhoj in 1034 AD. Attacks on Bhojshala started from 1305 AD and Muslims built today’s Kamal Moulana dargah near Bhojshala. Bhojshala has become victim of Governments of Madhya Pradesh due to appeasement of Muslims for votes. Muslims can offer Namaz in Bhojshala 52 times in a year, but Hindus can perform puja only once in a year.

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Goa Idol Desecration

During the era of Portuguese invasion in Goa, the Portuguese compelled the Hindus to convert to Christianity. They committed horrible atrocities on the Hindus, attacked their temples and desecrated the temple idols to create terror in their minds. Desecration of idols of Hindu Deities and Saints continue to occur. Till date, 15 such desecration incidents have occurred in Goa during the period from August 2004 to September 2008

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Stop the International Islamic University at Tirupati

The seven layer/storied building of Heera International Islamic University (College) (HIIC) is being constructed in Chandragiri village which is about 13 kilometers from Tirupati. HIIC is being built approximately in a seven-acre plot. Actully this land belongs to a Shri Vishnu Temple, known as Timmappa Temple, with a very tall Rajagopuram according to the villagers.

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Save ISKCON Secunderabad temple

The Andhra Pradesh government has issued a land acquisition notice to the ISKCON temple located on Sardar Patel Road opposite St John’s Church in Secunderabad to get 1,700 sq yards of the 3,500 sq yards belonging to the temple. The land is required for metro corridor-III that runs from Nagole to Shilparamam via Sangeet and Iskcon.

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