Without Ram even a pearl necklace is worthless


Once Deity Hanuman came to meet Shriram and Sitamata and he bowed down before them folding his hands. At that time, Sita thought, ‘Hanuman is Shriram’s devotee. He always serves Shriram. So, he should be rewarded for it.’ So, she offered Hanuman her necklace and said, “I am pleased with you, so I am giving you this necklace of mine.”

Maruti (Hanuman) took that necklace and sat in front of Sita. He removed each bead from the necklace one by one and smelt it. Later he broke each bead, looked into it and threw it away. Thus, he broke all the beads.

Sita got very angry looking at all this. “What have you done to the necklace which I had given you with love. Why have you done like this?” she said.

Hanumant replied, “I did not see Ram in any of the beads. I was searching for Ram in those beads. I threw away all the beads because none of them had Ram in it.”

When Sita listened to Hanuman’s justification about breaking the beads, she realised that though she felt that she had given the necklace, it was given without remembering Shriram. Only Shriram does everything.

She apologized to Hanuman and remembering Shriram, offered another necklace to Hanuman. Hanuman happily wore that necklace immediately.

Children, Hanuman likes the thing which is done while chanting the Name of God. We also should remember our Kuladevi (Family Deity) and pray to Her while doing any task.