When stones floated !

Lord Shri Ram was going to Lanka to bring back Mata Sita. He had to cross the sea to reach Lanka. The Vanarsena was engaged in constructing a bridge over the sea. The vanars were trying to build a bridge by placing stones on water. But as soon as the stones were kept in the water, they sank because the stones were very heavy. This happened for some time. No one could understand how to build a bridge out of these stones. Hanuman ji was also watching all this. Hanuman ji could not stop himself. He bowed to Lord Shri Ram and wrote ‘Shri Ram’ on a stone and placed it in the water. On writing the name of Prabhu Shriram, the stone started to float. On seeing this the Vanarsena started to hail “Jai Shri Ram” and a wave of joy ran through the depressed Vanarsena. On this, Lord Shri Ram said, “this miracle has happened due to your devotion, nothing has happened because of me.”

The monkeys said, “How shall we accept it, that it is due to our devotion? O Lord, this has happened because of you.” Then Lord Shri Ram said, “Let me conduct a small experiment. I will put this pebble into the water. If it floats, I will accept that the stones are floating because of me.” Then Lord Shri Ram put that pebble in the water. The pebble promptly sank.  Hanumanji, who witnessed this, said, “The stones on which the name of Lord Shri Ram is written, they floated. But if the stone has been relinquished (given up) bu Shri Ram Himself, how can it possibly float?”

This teaches us the important lesson that ‘The lord’s name is greater than God Himself !’

This means, His name is mightier than Prabhu Shriram, because Shri Ram may not be present with us, but His name provides bliss to the devotees, means, it helps us cross the ocean of worldly existence.

The stones on which Lord Shri Ram’s name was written floated, and the stone dropped by Lord Shri Ram into  the water sank, because Shri Ram was not written on it.