Only God can be called as ‘our own’ !

After winning the game of dice, Duryodhana ordered his men to bring Draupadi to the royal court. The evil Dushashana then dragged Draupadi in by her hair, not content with which, he tried to disrobe her. She begged him to let her go, but it fell on deaf ears. Draupadi then thought, ‘I have five brave husbands. They can fight against the whole world for me. They will definitely protect my dignity.’ She requested her five husbands (Yudhishtir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev) to rescue her from the evil Dushasana; but they stood by helplessly. She then asked all the elders present in the courtroom for help; but they too remained silent. Finally, seeing that no one present there was coming forward to her rescue, she prayed to Shrikrushna. Shrikrushna immediately came to her help and protected her dignity.

After this incident, Draupadi asked Shrikrushna, “You knew that I was in trouble. Then why didn’t you come immediately to help me?” Shrikrushna replied, “You had faith in your five husbands, and then in the elders in the court; then what authority did I have to come there? But as soon as you called me for help, I immediately rushed did I not?” Hearing this, Draupadi bowed down to Shrikrushna and expressed gratitude at His Holy feet.

From this, we learn that even the people whom we call as ‘our own’ may not come when we need help. If we repeatedly call out to a person, he has to glance at least once. However, God comes to help on hearing our first cry for help. Unfortunately, we call out to everyone other than God ! So, don’t you think that if we continuously call out to God, He will be always with us ? So from today onward, let us start chanting the Name of God.

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