Newborn baby stool and urine

For planning, both the parents must have sound knowledge about the normal baby and infant care in general. This article provides useful information on frequency and nature of baby stool and urine passed by newborn babies and dos and don’ts in a scientific manner. Read more »

Newborn baby customs and traditions

This article would help educate parents on some of the beneficial baby customs and traditions such as keeping the newborn with the mother right from the beginning, administrating gold to the newborn along with other Ayurvedic medicines and performing naming ceremony on twelfth day, etc. Read more »

Adjustment after birth and Newborn schedule

Every parent naturally desires that his/her baby should be healthy, chubby and intelligent. This article would help educate parents on understanding how a baby grows in mother’s womb, how does it react to the new environment after the birth, characteristics of a normal baby, newborn schedule and care to be taken while making arrangements for baby’s sleep. Read more »