Hanuman – The epitome of devotion

Once Sita was applying red lead (‘shendur’ in Marathi) on her forehead. Seeing that, Hanuman asked her, "Sitamai, why do you apply this red lead everyday ?" Sita replied, "To increase Shriram's life-span." On hearing this, Hanuman thought that, if applying red lead just on the forehead can increase Shriram's life, then I shall apply it on my entire body. So, Hanuman applied red lead on his entire body. Since then, Hanuman's body became scarlet red in colour.

Children, from this story we learn that Maruti (Hanuman) was the true devotee of Shriram. He loved Shriram so much, that he was ready to do anything for Him. That is why, he was very dear to Shriram. We too can become dear to God if we are always willing to offer ourselves at His service.