Prepare for school & achieve concentration of mind

         Children, just think, how do we go to school everyday ? First of all, we are already late to get up in the morning as we watch television till late at night. We do not have time to take a proper bath or for combing our hair. We have milk or tea in a hurry, cram our books in the school bag, catch the bus in a hurry and by the time we reach the school, the class has already begun. At that time, we realise that we have not completed the previous day’s homework. Now, punishment becomes imminent. In such a state of mind, we are not able to grasp what is being taught in the class.

         So children, try to put into practice the following points.

Preparation for school

1. Complete the homework given in school.

2. Fill up the school bag according to the timetable with respective textbooks, notebooks and other things, like stationery required for school.

3. Take care to see that your nails are cut regularly, at least once a week.

4. Let the school uniform be washed clean and ironed.

5. Don’t  forget to take your lunch-box and water- bottle with you.

Going to school

1. Leave home in time to reach school on time.

2. Before leaving for school, inform your parents and elders in the house and pay obeisance to God.

3. On your way to school, keep chanting the Name of your Kuldevata (Family Deity) or Upasyadevata (Deity of worship).