Study timetable for success

Today, most children are seen studying due to their mother’s insistence or father’s fear or under stress of competition. Study never takes place wholeheartedly. This article gives information on Importance and benefits of preparing a study timetable and tips for preparing it.

Why is a study timetable important ?

Importance and benefits of preparing a timetable

  1. Planning things before hand makes it easier to achieve your goal.
  2. By disciplining your efforts in achieving your goals; your efforts are directed in the appropriate direction.
  3. Having a clear concept keeps your mind cool,and helps you concentrate better.
  4. Planning helps concentrate better.
  5. Helps you increase your self-confidence.
  6. Your confidence in achieving the goal increases.

Points to be kept in mind while making a study timetable

  1. Give every subject equal importance and time. Example: Set a fixed time for every subject.
  2. During examinations, apart from revision of subjects also think about time management.
  3. Take breaks during studying for an examination, instead of studying for hours at a stretch. During breaks try and read the newspapers, chant God’s name, exercise, etc.
  4. Normally a student aged 20 years is capable of studying for 2 hours at a stretch. After 2 hours a student should have a break of 1 hour where he can refresh his mind. By doing so it is possible to get good ten hours of studies in a day.
  5. Give equal importance and time to your daily routine work.
  6. While making a study timetable, make sure everything that you include gets equal importance and time.
  7. If there is a change in the plan which affects your timetable, do not lose your calm, instead keep your mind ready for such changes.
  8. Study other individuals’ timetable and time-management techniques.
  9. Do not compare yourself to others,instead take what is necessary and profitable for you from others.
  10. Take an advice of your parents or and an elderly person in your family while making a study timetable.
  11. Keep in mind that the timetable is only for yourself.
  12. Sometimes you have to compromise your plans for others sake; you should learn to accept this.

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