Augmenting virtues through studies

In this article, certain points regarding acquiring or enhancing of our virtues through the medium of studies have been discussed.

How to imbibe worldly qualities ?

A. Orderliness : Orderliness can be imbibed by keeping one’s books neatly in their proper place.

B. Acquiring good habits : If we study regularly, we get habituated to it.

C. Concentration : Sitting at one place for a long time to study increases one’s concentration.

D. Perseverance : Perseverance enhances by regular study.

E. Control : When we are given a lot of homework, we learn to complete it within the given time without losing patience. This improves our control.

F. Honesty : When we do not know the answer to a particular question during an examination, instead of copying the same from other student, write as much as you know. This helps in developing the virtue of honesty.

How to imbibe intellectual qualities ?

A. Planning : Preparing a timetable for studies helps you plan the number of hours or days required to complete a particular topic or subject. This helps in developing the virtue of planning.

B. Decision-making : It is essential to decide which subject is more important and study accordingly, giving priority to that subject. This enhances our decision-making ability.

C. Planning in advance : If our studies are pre-planned in advance, then we do not get tensed at the time of examination. Having experienced this, we get habituated to plan any work in advance.

D. Realising the importance of time : While answering the question paper, one realises the importance of time.

How to imbibe spiritual qualities ?

A. Curiosity : While studying any subject, one learns more and more about that subject and this increases one’s curiosity about that subject.

B. Seeking clarification : If any point about a particular topic is not understood, one has to approach the teacher concerned to seek clarification.

C. Promptness : One also learns to ask the teacher promptly when one has any doubt about a particular formula.

D. Not heeding to what others might say : Sometimes one has to ask the teacher one’s doubts, in spite of knowing that, if that question is asked to the teacher in the class then others would laugh at it. Thus one learns to get clarified one’s doubts without heeding to what others might say or think.

E. Enhancing enthusiasm : One feels enthusiastic as one learns something new everyday in school.

F. Consistency : Regularity in going to school and in studies develops consistency.

G. Increasing yearning : If the answer to a particular question is not found, then the yearning to find it out increases.

H. Eradicating personality defects : After checking the answer papers, the teacher points out our mistakes. This helps us to know our personality defects (e.g. unnecessarily hurrying) and we get an opportunity to eradicate them.

I. Eradicating ego : Ego gets reduced when low marks are got in the examination. Sometimes, after asking a question, the friends remark, ‘You do not know even this much.’ This decreases our ego.

J. Acting against our wish : Many a time we have to act against our wish by studying when we are in no mood to do so. This helps in dissolution of our mind. Also, when we have to study a subject in which we do not have any interest, it reduces our liking and disliking.

K. Helping others and procuring other’s help : If one is unable to solve a difficult mathematical problem, one has to ask other students for help. Similarly, if other students have any difficulty, then one has to help them. This develops the quality of helping others as well as procuring their help when needed.

L. Introspection : When any other student gets more marks, then one introspects as to why he is lagged behind.

M. Feeling of gratitude increases : When questions about the topic that one has studied thoroughly are asked in the examination, then one feels gratitude towards God.

N. Sacrifice : While studying for examination, we cannot go out for a walk along with the guests who have come to our house. This develops the virtue of sacrifice.

O. Experiencing Bliss : When we study wholeheartedly, we experience satisfaction and Bliss.

– Ms. Prajakta Ghole, Chandigarh.

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