Rise early in the morning for studies instead of staying awake till late night

Friends, remember that the amount of energy spent by the mind, brain and body while studying in the morning is very less as compared to that spent while studying in the night! So, one can study more effectively if one studies early in the morning. For example if you want to remember a particular topic and you are studying at night, then the amount of time and energy spent for this is much more as compared to the energy spent in the morning! Thus, the study done in the morning is more effective and grasped better.

In earlier times, the students used to get up at Brahma-muhurt (an auspicious time at dawn between the fourth ghatika from night and the second ghatika before sunrise ideal for spiritual practice.) and recite Vedas. You must have also heard that many famous singers also practice in early mornings.

Entire day we are engrossed in doing various activities and spend a lot of mental energy. Due to this our mind, body and intellect get tired and are stressed out. This stress is not present in the morning as we are fresh after a good night’s sleep.

The enthusiasm increases as the process of excretion of things like vata, pitta etc. from the body happens in much better way in early mornings. It is said that, “Early to bed and early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise!”

So children sleep early, rise early and become successful by attaining concentration in studies.