The aims and objectives of education

The basic purpose of education is to acquire knowledge. The knowledge which liberates you, i.e. the knowledge which abolishes your sorrows and gives you constant bliss.

However, today’s education system has made us narrow-minded. Children as well as their parents are concerned only for scoring higher marks in the examination and getting admission into medical or engineering college or other similar professional courses. However, even if intelligent children become doctors, engineers or get some high post in a big company and earn lots of money, there is no guarantee that they will be happy and contented.

Education can be called as ‘True education’ only if it can achieve the following objectives

1. Providing knowledge and intellectual progress of children

2. Giving professional skill in one’s business by virtue of which one can earn a lot, and can make a happy and contented life not only for oneself but also for others in the society

3. Development and preservation of moral values

4. Developing a personality with good character

5. Improving our cultural heritage and passing it on to the next generation

6. Providing guidance to children about what their goals should be in life and how to achieve them

7. Raising children to become ideal citizens

Unfortunately, the present education system lacks the above-mentioned objectives.

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