How to increase concentration ?

1. Increase concentration through Dhyan (Meditation)

Concentrating your mind on any external or bodily part or action is called Dhyan. Herein, one keenly observes the various responses of the body and the thoughts coming across the mind. At the higher level of Dhyan, one becomes completely unaware of even one's own existence and attains soulful bliss by attaining a stage where even thoughts cease to exist in one's mind.

2. Increase concentration through chanting and prayers

It is not always possible for everyone to meditate. In that case, chanting and prayers help to increase concentration.

Which Name should one chant ?

One should chant the name of one's Kuldevata (Family Deity) for at least 20 minutes daily. Also, one should chant 'Sri Gurudev Datta' for 30 minutes daily.

Which Prayers should one say ?

1. O Kuldevata, let your grace always be upon me !

2. O Sri Ganesha, Bestower of knowledge, please give me strength and right-mindedness to concentrate better on my studies.

Bal Sanskar