Precautions to be taken during the examination

        Children, before going for any examination you have to face a number of things such as keeping in mind the seat number, supplement, signature of the exam supervisor, hall ticket, suggestions about the examination, examination stress etc. This anxiety could make us panic and lead to silly mistakes. To be able to avoid those mistakes, some points have been given below.

What should be done before solving the answer paper ?

1. Reach the examination centre about half an hour early. Then quickly check your hall and seating arrangement.

2. Never take anything with you into the examination hall that may be confiscated as a ‘copy’.

3. After the long bell is sounded, sit on your seat calmly and listen attentively to the verbal instructions given by the supervisor. Do not ask any queries to anyone other than the supervisor.

4. After receiving the answer sheet, first check the number of pages and the page numbers. If the answer sheet is defective then exchange it. Only after this, enter your seat number and other details as instructed.

5. Writing anything on the question paper or exchanging it is prohibited. That is why if you feel the need, mark the easy questions with a symbol like a dot and solve those questions first.

6. Read the suggestions at the beginning of the question paper or at the beginning of every question systematically. Pay attention to the marks allotted to each question and where there is a choice for a question or sub-question.

7. Begin writing once the bell is rung.

Solving the answer sheet

How to study the questions ?

A. Understand the question correctly, what is asked for and what points are to be covered; only then begin answering.

B. When answering a question, note the number of marks allotted to it and accordingly decide how much time is to be spent on it and whether your speed is appropriate or not.

C. As far as possible solve the easy questions first. By spending too much time in answering a difficult question do not lose the marks given to easy questions.

D. Points in the question and the marks allotted to them should be co-ordinated. After solving all the necessary questions first only if time permits, solve the other questions from that set.
Mathematics exam

A. When solving the question paper in mathematics avoid mistakes of numbers.

B. Instead of wasting time in making rough and fair copies do your rough work on the right hand corner of the answer paper and solve the sums.

C. When solving sums during Mathematics and Science exam, write the appropriate units to prevent deduction of marks.
Other subjects

A. When writing points of difference in the answer sheets they should be comparative.

B. Begin answering a new question on a fresh page.

C. When answering a question paper if you are able to check it as you write then it is excellent, otherwise keep the last ten minutes to check all the answers.

D. In the examination hall instead of paying attention to other students concentrate fully on your answer sheet and answer the full paper.

E. Having prepared for the examination fully, write the answer sheet with the confidence that “I shall certainly succeed”.

Source : Dainik Gomantak, 11th March 2011

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