Some remedies to reduce the tension of the exam from children’s mind.

         Everybody gets tensed and nervous just by listening to the word ‘exam’. During the board exams of 10th and 12th  standards not only the children but also their parents are completely stressed. Now-a-days it is very difficult to get an admission in a good college  even if one scores 80% in the 10th board exam or to enter a good university to pursue a degree in one’s favourite subject even if one scores 95% marks in the 12th board exams. Owing to this, some amount of stress is experienced by every student as the exam approaches. Only because of this stress,  the students study till late at night with complete concentration; but if this stress increases then the tension of exams does not allow them to study properly. They spend sleepless nights and suffer from depression. It is better to study from the beginning under the guidance of a teacher, instead of studying day and night when  the exam is approaching fast.

         Students, who do not study regularly from the beginning, will obviously be tensed when the exam is nearing. But it is observed that many times even bright students who  study well and regularly from the beginning get stressed as their mind is always filled with the fear that, ‘what will parents and relatives feel if I don’t get 95% marks or  if I don’t stand first?’  At this time parents should reassure the children that they only expect them to study well and regularly under the guidance of a good teacher  and give their best. Further, they would not feel bad if they (children) secure lower marks  or unfortunately fail in spite of studying hard. Parents should remind their children of the verse of Sri Krushṇa from the Bhagwadgeeta : ‘Your duty is to do your work (study) without the expectation of result or fruit.’

It is the responsibility of the parents to make the atmosphere of the house peaceful, blissful and congenial  to study and they should discharge it. The following points will be useful to make the children attentive  to their studies and to increase concentration:

1.  If possible, give a separate room for children to study, if not, partition the  room to make a study area.

2.  Do not switch on the television or radio.

3.  Please ensure that there is no scuffle between father and mother or other members of the family.

4.  Do not settle the scuffle between the members of the family in the presence of the children.

5.  Do not invite your friends or your child’s friends at home.

6.  If your child is studying till late at night, give him a company by reading a philosophical book or a book of your interest.

        Arrange for expert teachers who will help the children to understand all the subjects and  write the answers properly in the exams. Such teachers should have the liking for teaching and  the expertise of making a difficult subject easy to understand and enjoyable. They should try to understand the students’ problems and clear their doubts patiently till the students understand everything. Teachers should make them solve question papers of previous years’ exams during exam period only and give necessary guidance. The fear of exam will disappear by solving the question papers of all subjects and enhance self- confidence.

        The following method  will be helpful in reducing the fear of the exams from the minds of the students when there is no much time for solving the previous years’ question papers: For this the parents should co-operate with  their children.

        Students should seat on a chair with back support with their eyes closed. Relax completely and listen carefully to the following suggestions and try to become one with them: ‘You have fully prepared  all the subjects. Tomorrow is your exam. Owing to nice sleep at night you are thoroughly fresh in the morning. You are scanning through the important points of today’s subject. You are feeling that, ‘now I can answer any question very easily’. After having your breakfast you have reached the examination hall on time. The first bell has rung. You are completely relaxed and  sitting  with your eyes closed and calm mind. Now the second bell has rung. You have the question paper in your hands. You have gone through the question paper and the marks and have thought about which questions to be solved. All the questions are easy. Every question is being answered satisfactorily. The warning bell is being given  – 10 minutes before the final bell. You have checked  whether you have written all the answers correctly or not. The final bell has rung and you are handing over the answer paper to the supervisor. You have come back home and are telling everyone that, ‘the question paper was very easy’. Now you are going to have your lunch and sleep for a while  and later prepare for tomorrow’s paper. You have read the summary of all your lessons and now you are sleeping peacefully.’

        By giving yourself  these self-suggestions 5 to 6 times  to answer your question paper in examination hall mentally will  reduce examination  fear considerably.

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