Tips to ace an exam

1. Today’s students have become merely examination-oriented

Studying a particular subject does not mean just reading that subject; it means fully understanding the subject and applying it in practical life. Many times, the efforts that students take to get promoted from one class to the higher one is mistaken as ‘study’. However, this is actually just a preparation for examinations because, if a few days after the examinations the students are asked a question on that particular subject, they are unable to answer it. Thus, we must accept the bitter truth that today’s students have become merely examination-oriented.

2. How to drive away the fear and tension of examinations from the mind ?

Friends, don’t we all become anxious and nervous as examinations approach? We are unable to realise the cause for this anxiety and even if we do realise the cause we are unable to do anything about it. However, the following few points will prove useful during examinations.

2 A. Tips to make examinations enjoyable :

  1. Do not think negatively. Write down the negative thoughts that come to your mind and talk to your parents about it. They will surely help you out to ease your tension.
  2. Understand your own capability and limits. Do not compare yourself with other students and classmates.
  3. Do not think that the marks or grades of examinations are everything in life.
  4. Do not watch violent programmes on TV a day before or on the day of examinations. Instead, remember the happy moments in your life before going to the examination.
  5. Only eat homemade food before the examination.
  6. Solve the question papers of previous years of each subject. This will give you confidence and will help to remove the fear from your mind.
  7. Please practice examination situation.

Friends, I am sure you will all be able to follow the above-mentioned tips. So now, why fear examinations? Why become nervous when the examinations approach? Just enjoy the examinations. Remember, always pray to Lord Ganesh, the Deity of Intellect, before starting your studies.

2 B. What should we do just before and during the examinations?

1. Pray and chant the name of your Kuldevata (Family Deity) or Upasyadevata (Deity of worship) for 10 minutes before the examination.

2. If you are unable to remember any particular answer during the examination, pray to God.

3. Appear at the examinations with a feeling that ‘God Himself is writing an answer sheet for me’.

– Mr. Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel

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