Utilising the ‘free period’ in class

         Friends, you must be getting a ‘free period’ every now and then in school. What do you do during this the free period? Enjoy? Sit in the canteen and chat with your classmates? Don’t you think you could utilise this free period in a better way? Yes, definitely you can. Let me tell you a way in which you can utilise it in a better way. Whenever you a get a free period, you can read the history of our great freedom fighters and revolutionaries who gave up everything and fought for the freedom of our country. Our revolutionaries have done so many acts of valour that no one can even imagine of doing.

Given below are some of the examples from the long list of valorous acts

1. Veer Savarkar escaped from British custody by jumping off right in the middle of the ocean from the boat in which he was being taken to India.

2. Jatindranath Das was arrested by the British in connection with the assassination of British Officer Saunders. In protest against the injustice done to Indian prisoners by the British, he and his fellow comrades started a fast in prison, until their demand of being justly treated by the prison authorities is met. After fasting for 63 days, Jatin Das lost his life because  of starvation.

3. At the age of 25 years, Madanlal Dhingra left his wife and a child in India and headed for England to assassinate the British officer Kurzon Vaylee.

4. At the tender age of 15 years, Chandrashekhar Azad was badly beaten with a cane by the British for participating in an anti-British rally. Because of this beating, his back started to bleed, but he silently bore the pain for the Motherland.

          Our glorious history is full with so many similar incidents.

          So, henceforth stop whiling away your time  around  the school canteen or campus or in unnecessary chatter during the free period. Instead, start reading the glorious history of our revolutionaries. Keep in mind ‘Time is Money’.

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