Students should have a balanced diet during examinations and regular exercise is a must !

Students should always have a balanced diet and do regular exercise. During examination a special attention should be paid to these things.

1. During examinations food that is easy to digest and satvik should be taken. It improves the mental and physical health, and makes the students interested in studies.

2. Avoid burning the midnight oil during examinations.

3. Keep away from mental stress.

4. In order to give rest to your feeble intellect, take adequate sleep.

5. Have milk, ghee, almonds etc. in your diet to improve your mental capabilities.

6. To avoid stress on the eyes, regular washing of the eyes and certain eye exercise should be undertaken. Take a break for 1 or 2 minutes and close your eyes and think about something else or concentrate on a far placed object.

7. Exercises like suryanamaskar, yoga, pranayam should be done or games to be played if possible.