Spiritual remedies for children during examination

1. Chanting the  name (Japa) of one of the favourite deities or Kuladevta before going for the examination.

2.  Pray to God before leaving.

3.  One can have a belief in one’s mind that the examination  paper will be written by the Almighty.

4.  The Almighty will write the examination  paper for me is a kind of faith one can inculcate in one’s mind.

5.  On all four corners of the examination paper one can write in  fine letters the naamjaapa.

6.  One can have a belief  of creating a veil of protection around one’s seat in the examination hall by chanting of  holy name.

7.  If one is not able to answer a question or rather don’t remember certain answer; keep one’s mind cool and pray to God.