Getting joy from small things

The day of the school's specialprogram was approaching, and there was a lot of excitement everywhere. Preparations for various events were going on in full swing.

Ramesh was one of the little boys, who was looking forward to that day. His class was to present a play, and he hoped to be selected to play a part in it. Day after day, he chatted excitedly with his mother about the role that might be offered to him, and how well he would play it.

His mother, however, had her own fears. She felt that he may not be chosen to play a part, and feared that he might be terribly disappointed.

On the day of the selection for the play, Ramesh's mother went to pick up Ramesh after school as usual. She was anxious to know the result of the selection. Just then she saw him running up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement. Seeing him so happy, she felt sure that he had been chosen for a part in the play.

"Mama," Ramesh gushed, "I have been chosen to clap and cheer!"

Seeing Ramesh's attitude, tears rolled down his mother's eyes. She was filled with pride for him and learned that one should be content with what one gets.

Moral: In life, our attitude is more important than any activity or role we perform. Just as the boy in the above story was always happy because he viewed everything with a positive attitude, we too, can be happy in all circumstances if we view everything with the correct attitude. Regular spiritual practice develops the faith that God gives us whatever is best for us and thus, helps in developing the correct attitude.