Temptation is the root cause of unhappiness !

The main cause for developing discontentment is temptation.Dear children, let us see how a beggar's discontentment lead to his misfortune!

A beggar would chant God's name all day. One day, God manifested before the beggar and asked him to name his wish. The beggar wished for gold coins. God asked him, “What will you collect them in ?” The beggar put forward his sack. Before pouring gold coins into the sack, God said, “I will give you gold coins till you say ‘enough’, but on one condition. The gold coins should not fall to the ground. If they do, they will turn into dust”. The beggar accepted the condition. Gold coins immediately started to rain into his sack. The sack began to fill up gradually, but the beggar could not control his avarice for gold. Now, with the weight of the coins, the sack began to burst at its seams. Despite realising this, the beggar did not say ‘enough’. Finally, the inevitable happened; the sack tore open and all the coins fell to the ground and turned into dust ! The beggar's discontentment lead to his downfall !

Dear children, do you know where the beggar went wrong? His greed made him discontented with the sackful of gold coins. By wishing for more, he lost everything and became unhappy. If you always want to be happy, then develop an attitude of contentment.

How to develop the attitude of contentment ?

Do not fall prey to avarice; remember that the amenities you have are with God’s grace and remain contented : ‘Today, the needs of all children are growing. They are introduced to new gadgets through the TV and feel like owning every single one! Children want new clothes, shoes etc. even when they do not need them. If they are not given these things, many of them become unhappy. Sometimes, despite getting what they want, their desire to get the next best gadget continues.

At such times remember that the gadgets or amenities you have are due to God’s grace; offer gratitude unto His Holy feet. This will keep your mind contented.