Strength lies in unity

This is an incident from the British regime in Bharat. Once there was a spiritual programme. After the programme the audience comprising men and women were leaving the venue. When the women were leaving, two drunk white policemen barred their way. The ladies could not leave the auditorium. Their family members were waiting for them outside the door; but none of them had the courage to tell the policemen step aside. A lot of time was passed; but in vain. At that time a couple of youth were passing through. On seeing the crowd they came there to inquire about it. They came to know about the situation. One young man said to other, “Come, let us help those ladies.” His friend who was accompanying him said, “Madhav, why do you want to interfere in the matter ?" and he went away. Madhav could not resist himself. He went to those who had gathered there and said, “Why don't you ask those policemen to go away? Everyone wanted to do the same; but who will take the lead was the question! So all were quiet. Madhav at once realised everything and said, 'follow me, I am going ahead'. Those people also tried to follow him slowly. Facing those policemen Madhav sternly said, “Go away from here at once, otherwise look, there are many of us in a group ! Hearing his stern voice and his whole approach, they got scared and ran away from there.

All the people thanked Madhav. Madhav said to them, “Despite your large number, you got scared by merely two policemen? If we do not show our unity then they will definitely take advantage of our weakness. If we show them our strength in unity then what power do they have? Instead of getting scared of those facing you, show them your might.”

The same youth became Sarsanghachalak of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) later.

My friends, you must have realised that strength lies in unity. Alone we cannot do anything; but we definitely win if we unite. To fight for any cause we should unite.