Will water be the cause of the next World War ?

1. Geological study of water indicates that 71% part of the earth is occupied by water and remaining 29% is land. However, all the available water is not fit for consumption because 97.5% of this water is saline. Of the remaining water, 0.62% is underground as storage. The rest is available to us in the form of rivers, water bodies like tanks, lakes etc. The fact is the quantity of this potable water is decreasing day-by-day. Water availability in the next 30 years will be barely enough to meet 2/3rd requirements of the population.

2. According to ‘Global Issue – 1999’, the world population of 400 crore (out of 600 crore) dwells in water scarcity areas. Of them, 100 crore are deprived of the basic right of pure, potable water.

3. As per standards set by experts, per capita requirement of water per year is 2000 cubic meters. If it falls below 1700 cubic meters, it will be termed ‘unsatisfactory’, and for supply below 1000 cubic meters, it will be termed ‘shortage’. Therefore, Bharat needs to take urgent action to improve water availability.

4. As per the opinion of experts, water storage will get exhausted by 2025. There will be wars over water in Towns, Talukas, Districts, States and between countries.

Reference.: Ms. Madhuri Navare in Daily ‘Loksatta’, 14.9.2011

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