The challange of Environmental Warfare

Since last few years, for weakening the enemy’s strengths not only are enemy’s natural assets conquered but also the natural environment has been made use of as a weapon.

America sprayed poisonous chemicals on the forests and agricultural fields of Vietnam with the motive of destroying its dense flora and food grains. America also tried to alter Vietnam’s natural atmosphere and produced an artificial rain.

The following aspects of Environmental Warfare can bring about a massive human massacre :

1. Meteors can be made to fall on enemy nation by altering their orbits.

2. The communication system of the enemy nation can be distorted by tampering with the ionosphere.

3. The courses of rivers can be changed, resulting in the shortage of drinking water.

4. The river waters or the sea waters of the enemy nation can be poisoned with the help harmful chemicals and nuclear missiles.

5. By making changes in the electro-magnetic radiations near enemy nation’s shores, massive waves can be produced which would destroy enemy’s ports and other places of interest.

Chemical labs, atomic stations, mineral oil wells and big dams shall be vital stations in future from the ‘Environmental Warfare’ perspective.

– Arthur Westing, warfare and environment expert.