Causes of Natural Disasters

‘Tit for Tat’ is nature’s permanent rule

​Tit for tat is nature’s permanent rule. The cruelty of man-beast walking on atheist path, not following the principles of righteousness, compels the nature to take revenge. A book by the scientists Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird – ‘The Secret life of Trees’ makes a detailed analysis of this rule and proves that it is very much valid.

The nature is taking its revenge!

The scientists who are forcing the nature to vomit its secrets by squeezing its throat are irreligious modern devils who cause destruction of nature without any heed for selfish purpose. Today, nature is taking its vengeance. Since man is an indispensible part of the nature itself, it is impossible for him to invade nature.

Cruelty, Demoniac attitude, slaughter-houses,
massacres and wars are closely related to earthquakes

Stop this cruelty; stop these slaughter-houses, and this will stop earthquakes. Einstein’s ‘Pain Wave Theory’ draws the same conclusion. A book named ‘Etymology of Earthquakes’ gives the same inference. The sacred country named India had not seen earthquakes for thousands of years, given a few odd exceptions. But in the last ten years, India has witnessed four high scale earthquakes, four cyclones and six massive floods.
– H.H. Gueudev Dr. Kateswamiji (Ghanagarjit)

So children, let us take an oath to follow righteous principles and win the confidence of Mother Nature!