Shri Tryambakeshwar of Kakanwada

Shri Shiv Shankar is the driving force of the universe. When Bhagirath asked a sage about the way to release his ancestors from a curse, Sage replied that only when Ganga descends to earth from heaven and washes over his ancestors’ ashes, they would be liberated. Bhagirath set off to the Himalayas to perform penance. He first worshipped Shri Vishnu who was pleased with him. Bhagirath requested him to bring Ganga to the Earth. Shri Vishnu told him that Earth cannot withstand force of Ganga’s descent and Shiva alone can control her and hence he should pray to Shiva. Bhagirath then worshipped the compassionate merciful Shiva. Shiva was pleased with his tapsaya. When Shiva asked him to make a wish, Bhagirath prayed that Shiva should bear river Ganga on his head and allow her fall onto the Earth.

Compassionate Shiva is pleased with anybody’s worship irrespective of the person and grants his/her wishes. He only sees the pure bhav (spiritual emotion) of the person, be it anybody. Shiva is also called as Gyandata (giver of knowledge) and as per Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta there is nothing more sacred than knowledge. Hence, only by surrendering oneself in His devotion can one make his life meaningful.

In a small village Kakanwada, which is on the border of Akola and Buldhana there is Shri Tryambakeshwar Sansthan. A Shiva devotee worshipped Shiva here around 250 years back. He used to walk all he way (vari) from Kakanwada to Tryambakeshwar near Nasik. Shiva was pleased with him and told him to establish Shiva linga here in Kakanwada and perform worship. Before this Shiva temple there was only a Maruti temple here. A unique feature of the Maruti idol here is that it doesn’t hold Gada (mace) / mountain but only a Shiva linga unlike other Maruti temples.

Kakanwada : It is small village located on the banks of river Vaan on the border of Akola and Buldhana district. There are State Transport Corporation buses and private vehicles from Telhara, Nimba, Jalgaon, Sonala, Sangrampur. Devotees should pay a visit to this temple to get blessed from Shiva. Devotees believe that Shiva fulfill s their wishes.

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