Aundha Nagnath

The Aundha Nagnath is located in Aundha Nagnath taluka in Hingoli district. The temple is said to be constructed by Yudhisthira during the 14 years of exile of Pandavas. The temple is built in Hemandpanthi style of architecture and the campus is spread in 60,000sq.ft. The characteristic feature here is that there is no Nandi idol in front of Shiva, but there is a separate temple of Nandikeshwara besides the main temple. In the temple premises there are small temples of 12 jyotirlingas. Apart from these, Vedavyasalinga, Bhandareshwar, Nilakanteshwar, Ganapati, Dattatreya, Murlimanohar and Dashavtar temples are there. In all there are 108 Shiva temples and 68 more Shiva lingas.

The temple is carved beautifully. The campus has a huge ground and court hall supported by eight pillars. Saint Visoba is from here and Saint Namdev hails from closely located place called Narsi. It is believed that once when Saint Namdev was singing Bhajans (hymns), the Aundha Nagnath temple turned in that direction to listen him.

In the neighbouring village of Rajapur ancient beautifully sculpted idols were found during excavation. Famous tourist spots and dams like Siddeshwar and Yeldari are nearby. Aundha Nagnath is about 64 km from Nanded.

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