Inculcate virtues for a happy life!

Inculcation of virtues means enhancing your virtues. This is a process of systematically and consistently impressing virtues upon the mind and nurturing them.

1. How to implement the process of inculcation of virtues ?

Selection of virtues

To implement this process, select two virtues to start with. In this article you will find a list of personality defects and virtues. Virtues that counter the personality defects selected for the process of personality defect removal should be selected for inculcation of virtues. Suppose you have selected the defect of anger to work on, then select the virtue of love to impress upon the mind. This will further speed up the PDR process.

2. Select incidents where you get a chance to do something

Dear children, select incidents where with the help of selected virtues, you will get a chance to do something. Suppose, you have selected the virtue of being independent, then think of incidents during the day in which you have a chance to be independent. These can include washing your own clothes, packing your school-bag, packing your lunch box etc.

3. Filling the virtue inculcation chart

Every day, fill your virtue inculcation chart. Write how many times you were successful in your efforts to enhance virtues and how many times you were unsuccessful regarding the selected virtues, along with the remedy too. This will be clear from examples in the ‘Virtue enhancement chart’ given ahead.

Sample virtue inculcation chart

Selected virtues

Positive actions

Negative actions


1. Humility While I was making a craft item, my elder sister asked me, “What happened in school today”, upon which I rudely replied, “Can you not see that I am doing something ?” Speaking with respect and humility with everyone is a virtue of an ideal child. I will convince my mind with this perspective or give autosuggestion as per technique 1.
When we had guests at our place, I spoke respectfully to them
When father called me for dinner, I replied angrily, ”I will have dinner after watching the serial”. When father called me for dinner, I politely asked him if I could come after watching the serial.
When my grandmother asked me to get her dentures, I complied respectfully
2. Enhancing self-confidence At night, I went to the toilet alone without fear
I first checked the answer in the guide and then solved the maths problem Without seeing the answer, I will try to solve the maths problem all by myself

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